Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Under Construction

I probably should have put up a sign 2 months ago labeled: Under Construction. Over the last three months, we have been under construction in more ways than one. We have been unpacking boxes, learning to tie shoes, reading for the first time, and getting acquainted with a new town, new church, and new people. Kindergarten has been a blast for these three kids who tell every new person we meet that they are "triplets." We've played soccer, basketball, and are now about to enjoy Robb's baseball season. Our family has been re-constructing the way we do life and God has also been busy building new things in our lives. Personally, I feel under construction too. From new doctors to new careers to new ways of managing our household; God is molding me so that I might fulfill the good purpose He has for me. I am so glad that it is He who goes before me and is with me (Deuteronomy 31:8), or I know I would make a mess out of life. His hands always create beauty from ashes. Don't they?
The blogging that I have done in the past has been a combination of sharing life, encouraging you in yours, and thinking through what life throws our way. Over the next 6 weeks, this site, Christian Apps 4 Kids, and Gluten Free Gab are going to undergo some minor construction so that I can be more efficient and intentional with my blogging. The day that Karen Jordan told me I needed to start a blog, I had know idea how to do such a thing. But, a few days later, I tried it. In the beginning, I was just blogging out pieces of my testimony in rapid fire succession, so I didn't forget some of the crucial time lines and details.  If you've never read the beginning of my blog, I encourage you to start there and you can get a better idea of who I am and why our family believes the way we do. Although, be forewarned, I knew nothing of writing back then. I only knew that God had a place for me in this industry. I still don't know every detail, but I see God has been constructing something, something much bigger than me, my family, or my career. He has opened several new doors for me recently and also an exciting way to share my testimony with others. Please feel free to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter @appmama123.  Over the next six weeks, my sites will be undergoing minor construction so that I can encourage you better in your daily walk, tell you about some of my friends around the country doing marvelous things for the Lord, and as usual tell you triplet stories, and reassure you that God longs to intervene in the details of your life. Once everything is completed, I will upload to Facebook when I'm back online and also share a special way that you can get a daily dose of Jessie's House without ever sitting in front of the computer. Thank you for being a part of our lives for four years; for rejoicing with us, crying with us, and laughing at us...I mean with us. :) 
Thanks for being a part of Jessie's House; life would not feel complete without you.
"And yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand." Isaiah 64:8

Friday, February 10, 2012

Teaching Heaven

When you teach Heaven to five-year-olds, it's usually simple until someone they know actually goes there. Then, like a large, tidal wave the questions crash in tandem. 
However, without fail, as I try my hardest to teach little minds what us adults struggle to wrap our minds around, they inevitably end up teaching me. Yesterday, my grandfather saw Heaven. I don't think that we talk about Heaven enough.
That it's real. 
That you can touch your skin there and embrace.
That we're not ghosts up there. 
Whole. Joyful. Saved.

Maybe it's because we feel like if we say it, we might go there too fast. Or we might set something into motion. We don't talk about Heaven because we're scared of that next place. The place we can't see. 
I was flipping through old NICU pictures of the babies the other day and ran across this one of Seth. I remember looking at him on that day and thinking, "Wow, you look just like your great-grandfather." 

He even had his red hair, that promptly fell out and turned a dusty brown. He was new to this life, but he looked like the grandfather I knew was on the back end of this place. No one wants to let a loved one go, but when you are 87, I imagine perspective begins to change a little. Yesterday, my grandfather met Jesus face-to-face. I'm sure there were tears and hugs- but the happy kind. His son, his grandson, his parents, siblings, and 87 years of friends. And as my kids reminded me this morning, the baby I lost. 
On the way to school this morning, Leyton said, "Mom, I think I'm gonna miss Papa Red, and in usual form, Laci informed him that "it was best because he could take care of the 4th baby that we never got to meet." 

Yes, Laci, I'm sure there were even greater surprises than that. When you teach Heaven to five-year-olds, they inevitably end up teaching you.