Friday, December 9, 2011

The Junk Drawer

Yesterday, I hated my junk drawer. 
We have a love/hate relationship.
Me and my junk drawer.
I love my junk drawer on days when I can hide things in it. Doesn't everyone have one? Maybe it's not ever a drawer. Maybe it's a closet or a room in your house. It's the place where all those things that don't ever seem to find a permanent home end up. Our junk drawer is filled to the brim. It started out looking so nice. It had some appliance manuals and school supplies in it. 
Then, one day a bag of foam letters exploded in it or shall I say a triplet dumped the whole bag out.
From then on it was all downhill; the manuals got crumpled, the pencils spilled all over the place, and erasers got thrown around like confetti. Then, somehow, Hello Kitty ductape came to the rescue and helped every resident of the junk drawer stick together.
I normally love that junk drawer. I can hide things in it. I can slide manuals and stuff into it. But, yesterday...
Yesterday, I hated the junk drawer.
Yesterday I needed something from it.
Yesterday, I needed the Foam letter Y.
Turns out, there was only one Foam Y in the entire junk drawer and our school project only lacked a foam Y. 
Do you know how much I hated that junk drawer yesterday. The only thing I hated more than the junk drawer was all the junk I had to pull out of it to find one, little, foam Y. 
Y me?
We got the project finished. 
We found one Y.
Then, it dawned on me, how our minds can be just like that junk drawer. We love the fact that people can't see what we think. But, God sees. He sees straight through our brains and right into our hearts. He hears every thought and knows the intent of the heart. We also hate our junk drawers when we can't control them. See, when we let junk live and take up residence in our minds; it only stays nice and neat for a season. 
Junk will be junk.
The junk in your mind goes straight to your heart and eventually spills out of your mouth. We might be able to conceal it for a little while, but it always catches up to us. 
Think about your mind today.
 Is it nice and neat? 
A place of peace where Christ comfortably dwells? 
Or is it filled up with junk? Fear? Envy? Hate? Insecurity?
Let's pray about it together.