Monday, October 3, 2011

{X}pect God's Radical Provision: 21 day belief bootcamp

Everyone has an {X}factor. Your {X} is probably different than mine, but you still have one. It's the proverbial "but God." It's the variable that always manages to mess up the equation to a painless life. It is the roadblock in front of where you thought you were going. It's the broken record that spins and sews a web of destructive thinking in your mind.

Since my triplets were born in 2006, one of my {X}'s has been our finances. Fear of the unknown took hold of me and I began to worry immensely about a "lack" of money. I had to quit my job to go on strict bed rest when I was in my 4th month. My husband and I had just purchased and remodeled a new home. We fully expected this would occur with the help of two incomes. I never in my wildest imagined that I would be pregnant with triplets, much less about to be dependent on one income. We were bringing three babies into the world at once, and my mind screamed "ONE INCOME?!?!?!? WE NEED MORE LIKE FIVE?!?!?!?!?" Breathe I tried. However, the broken record...just...kept...spinning.

"Bed rest means no job.
No job means we can't pay our mortgage.
This means we can't live in our newly remodeled home.
How am I going to rock three babies? 
Our house is too small, 
We need triple everything...
...onesies, seats,

My {X}factor paralyzed me. It stole from me and ate away at the joy of becoming a mom.

I wish I could say that after much prayer {and there was much...much...much prayer}--God completely removed this burden from my life, but He didn't. However, He did something much better. Instead of taking away the emotional stress of provision, He set up my circumstances so that I had to depend on Him for everything.

God showed me that His character does not change when the landscape of our circumstance does. 

He is El Roi--the God who sees. The God who sees straight into the recesses of your mind and hears your worry, your doubt, your unbelief, and your {X}.

When life piles up and things just don't add up, God can solve the equation.

For the next 21 days, I pray that you are strengthened inside. I pray that the big unknown variable in your life, whether it be finances, a relationship, an illness, your marriage, or basic unbelief will not be a factor for you anymore. There have been times when God has removed the mountains in my life, but most of the time, instead, He chose to show me how to conquer the obstacles that stood in the way.

Let's take back our belief in a GOOD God that still does miracles.

Let's {X}pect God's radical provision together. 


Donna said...

I needed this word so much today. Facing the future with more medical bills than we have known our entire married life (and that's almost 30 years!) has a knot in my stomach like you wouldn't believe. I keep hearing God say "trust Me" but to be honest, I'm scared and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I needed your message of encouragement so much today. He can be trusted - He sees and provides...sometimes not as I hoped He would, but always in ways far greater than I imagined.

Jessica Kirkland said...

I have had five surgeries in six years as well. The medical bills seem overwhelming. But, the good thing about a medical bill is it can be payed at your set pace for as long as necessary. I have often had to pay 10 people $10 a month in order to appease people. I will pray for God's provision for your medical bills. Medical bills are unfortunately a part of my life even at 30 yrs old. But, God sees you. He hears you.
"Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need." Hebrews 4:16