Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 21: God's unchanging character

I don't pretend that these 21 days have been easy. I know that you've asked God some very difficult questions. So have I. We often struggle to get back to "normal." And sometimes that is just not possible. But, I believe in a God that makes new normals (streams in the desert). I know that because of Jesus in my life, I can press on until He returns. Isn't that the one singular hope that we can stand on when everything else feels like it's falling a part? I think so.

 Sure, our feelings will always exist to confirm the enemies plan for our lives. Yet, as we mature in Christ, and put on the helmet of salvation, God can deliver us from mighty strongholds that have tripped us up for decades. I challenge you to take up the armor God gave you. We can't control people or circumstances, but we can control ourselves. Think of Job, was he not living in God's favor when his house literally collapsed with all his loved ones inside?  He was actually doing everything right, and tragedy (great tragedy) still came into his life. Yet, God delivered Him and restored him. It would be foolish to think that Job never mourned those losses again, the story ends at his redemption. However, as humans, we know that he probably hurt forever. Yet, Job still lived and prospered in the land of the living. Job gave honor and glory and praise continually to His Father in Heaven. Job knew he lived in a fallen world, but that had nothing to do with God's character.

{He knew that God was good, when circumstances were not.}

These days we live in are difficult, and I truly believe that time is short. I believe I will see Jesus in my lifetime return. I wait for that day. But, we must be ready ourselves. We must not allow Satan to derail our emotions, our circumstances, and wreck our ability to witness to those around us who don't know Christ yet. We must anticipate daily, we must {X}pect His Radical Return and let the truth of His return keep us obedient and strengthened inside. I pray that God will bless you immensely; that you will feel His amazing grace. Thanks for coming along on this 21 day journey.

{Jessie K.}