Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Adventure of a Lifetime

"I want to go on adventure!" my nephew says enthusiastically. By the twinkle in his eye, we know he means it. He is ready to go somewhere, do something, and I believe he would go anywhere his nearly 3-year-old legs would take him that is if his mommy weren't watching in order to do just that.

I wonder tonight, how many of you are ready to go on an adventure with God? I have to be honest here, I sense God telling me, "I want to take you, Jessica, on an adventure!" But, as sure as I am that He wants to take me on an adventure, there is something else He wants me to do so that I am ready for what He has for me. For once, I'm not spilling it over the www, but could I ask that you pray for me?  Pray that I will be disciplined in His word, discerning, and obedient to the task He has called me to do.  I know I have to be obedient.  I know that God wants me properly prepared for the good plans He has fashioned for my life even before I was born.

So, what about you?  Is God asking you to take His hand? If you don't have Christ in your heart, then a simple YES! to God is all you need to start your adventure. My adventure began at six years old when I realized that I needed Christ to be Lord of my life. I needed Him to wash away my sins, because even at six years old, I felt the weight of sin dragging me down. Maybe you already know the Lord, but like me, He's instructing you to be obedient before your adventure can begin. Maybe you are suppose to give something up?  Reconcile with a family member? Start attending church? Forgive your spouse? Get out of an unhealthy relationship? Maybe you don't know what God wants you to do next. Ask Him.

Tell Him, "Father, don't let the sun go down until you have spoken to my heart. Your word says that where there is no vision, the people perish." Proverbs 29:18a He hears the prayers of His children. His arm is not so short that it cannot save. I promise that wherever He leads, it will be the adventure of a lifetime.