Friday, July 29, 2011

Understanding the In-Between

They just couldn't wrap their brains around it. The in-between had them throwing questions at me left and right. We drove on slick roads in between two towns and they were confused. 

"Mom, where are we?"  
We just left Cleveland.  
"So, where are we?" 
We are in between Cleveland and Dayton.
 "So are we in Cleveland or Dayton?"
We are in between. 
 "So are we in Dayton yet?" 
We are in the middle.
"What's the middle?"
 It goes Cleveland, Dayton, then Liberty. That's where we are going. 
"So, where are we now?"
Everyone join me: draw in a deep breath and let it out slowly. 

The in between - it confused the mess out of my three, little, 5-year-old messes. In rapid-fire succession this conversation continued until I was able to say....YES! WE ARE FINALLY IN DAYTON!!!! 
"So, how long until Liberty?"
Well, now, we are in-between...again. 
And there I was face-to-face with my own confusion about living in the in-between. I've been sandwiched in between sickness and health, finding purpose in my career, wanting to do things for God that matter. Sometimes the in-between is difficult to understand. Sometimes it rubs our patience raw. We want the finish line, the trophy at the end of the game, the buzzer to go off.
Somehow, we must grasp this. We must be okay with our in-between or life will pass us by. God uses the in-between to prepare us for His kingdom. We partake in His suffering and one day we will partake in the place He has prepared for us.
I use to want to run ahead. I use to want the end-game. As God continues to work inside of me, I realize I want the in-between. I don't want to run ahead of God or I might not be ready for what He has for me.
Are you in between tonight?  Do you trust Him? His timing? He has promised to finish the good work He began in all of us. 


jennis4luvlies said...

This is SO ironic, because this is the same conversation we have in our car - every time we go anywhere! Mostly with Tegan, but also with her little brother Billy saying..."Are we to Day-tawn yet Mommy?" Of course they will say that when we are in Houston or even Austin because they know that means we are almost home...they are SO proud too when they can finally read the sign that says "Welcome to Dayton"! But I'm sure having all 3 doing it is mind-boggling.

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog! I have just started putting mine together and it's quite new to me. But I'm so glad you were able to recognize me =) I still feel like an "outsider" in this little town, but I get so busy going every which way that I don't stop to smell the roses and chat with others very often. Introspectively also meaning that I am very much still in the in-between too, and that's okay with me!

amandatdodson said...

It's so easy to miss moments when we're wishing for the next. With a baby, I'm always finding myself thinking - when's he's old enough to do this or that ... I'm trying to stay focused in the "now". Thanks for sharing (and your kiddos are too cute!)

amandatdodson said...

* when * - I should read my posts before I hit publish :)

Jenn said...

Wow... just... WOW. I feel like you were speaking right through my heart with this post. In fact, just TODAY I was crying on the phone with another stay-at-home mom who feels stuck... like she's neither here nor there, but just doing the same thing, day after day and getting nowhere.

But it's true... we have to remember that THIS... the day-to-day... is what life is truly about. We are always in the in-between, and it is a beautiful place to be. Thank you for reminding me of that on a day I truly needed to hear it.

I'm stopping by from voiceBoks, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I am following via GFC, and I can't wait to read more.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Blessings, Jenn

Kim said...

What a wonderful, insightful and inspirational blog entry! Love it--the in-between of life!

Simple Homemaker said...

Hi, new follower from VB! Thank you for your wonderful post! I look forward to reading more! :)


Simple Homemaker said...

Hi, new follower from VB! Thank you for your wonderful post! I look forward to reading more! :)


Syed Store said...

All your blogs are simply awesome. I adore all of them.
Bushra Syed

PS: hey the music was awesome. One of my favorit song was on. "Light will guide you home". LOl

Gladys said...

Hello! As different events happen in my life, I learn to trust more and more His timing and His perfect plan. Boy it took years of doubts to reach this point but I'm glad I finally made it (I think). I just want to trust and continue trusting...

I'm a new follower and found you on voiceBoks.


Small Kucing said...

Hi Jessie

Coming here through VB

Omgh! you have triplets and you still have time to blog and write. You are amazing!

Am your new follower :)