Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fourth of July Freebie!

Happy Fourth of July! If you've noticed that I've been scarce it's because a certain triplet spilled water on my computer. It came on after hours of drying out only to power down and quit working again. But, let's move on to happier times: a fourth of July freebie for YOU!

For those of you who don't already know, I have started a new writing venture. In about six weeks I will have two book apps for children coming out on iPad and iPhone for kids ages 2-8. These are books for the Christian market. Along the way I met a nice guy named Andrew Hoyer, a fellow app developer who has agreed to give away some of his Christian flashcards to three of my wonderful readers. Yes, I already told him how great ya'll are. These flashcards  would be great reading practice for early readers. They feature Bible related pictures with their accompanying word.

Three of you will win a free download for your iPad or iPhone. But, don't worry, if you don't have an iPad or iPhone, but know someone who does, you can re-gift the code to a friend. These would make great gifts for a child or grandchild!
Here is how you can win:

1. You must leave a comment on the blog so I know you have entered.
2. You can go to my new author page on Facebook HERE and "like" my page .
3. Or you can become a follower of Jessie's House directly on the blog. To follow on the blog, simply follow the left hand column down until you see the word Follow. Click it and then it will show you what to do from there. 
4. To follow Jessie's House via networked blogs on Facebook click HERE.  

Please share freely a link to this contest to help Andrew get some exposure for his flashcards. But, don't forget to leave me a comment or I won't know that you entered! So, who is Andrew Hoyer?
Andrew Hoyer has been in the software and web development industry for over ten years and has recently started developing for mobile devices. He has a number of apps on the App Store, including a couple of children's flash card apps.These apps, titled "Little Scribes" have a Biblical theme and are made up of 100% custom artwork. Andrew has two kids of his own, plays Chess competitively, and loves being his own personal chef. You can connect with Andrew several ways: 

1. Via Facebook:
2. Via Twitter:
3. His personal blog: or on his website


Andrew Hoyer said...

Thanks, Jessica, I appreciate the support!

L ~ S said...

I am following your blog...

Krista said...

Hey, Jessie! These apps sound great, and I have an iPhone! Ps I just found you in twitterland too, I think!

Krista said...

And I have already liked your author page!

Jessica Kirkland said...

Great Krista! Twitter is new for me, so I've been wondering if anyone was out there. LOL. Spread the word, the contest is going to last through Thursday!

Karen Barnes Jordan said...

So excited about this project! Keep me posted!

Karen Barnes Jordan said...

Btw, I DO have an IPad, and my grandkids will LOVE your book Apps!!!

Dawn said...

I liked your page