Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When You Want Your Money Back

"Mom, I think we need to go back in there and get our money BACK!"
Baby C.
 He is one of a kind.
Those were his two cents after we visited a new church last weekend.  
He didn't dig it. 

However, his remark got me to thinking about all the people we try to reach for Jesus.  I am on the Outreach Team at our church and we plan ministry events to hopefully 
point the people in our church family and community to Jesus. 

As Christians we hope to point people to the forgiveness and love that we have found in Jesus. 
 But, we are imperfect. 
And sadly...
I think sometimes people come into the doors of the church and they leave with the same sentiments of Baby C:
"We need our money back!"
Many years ago, and churches past, I had been praying really hard to get a certain someone into church. I had prayed for this person for years when one day, he agreed to come. It was Easter and I was beyond excited. As we walked through the front door the pastor chuckled and said "It's good to see you,  I guess I won't see you again until next Easter." 
It had taken so much discussion, so much prayer, so much effort and convincing to get him to enter once.  Yet, I knew in one swipe, the opportunity to witness to this man had passed with an insult from the pastor himself. 
How sad?  
Sometimes we get only one chance to witness to someone. 
What if my friend would have died that day right after the pastor insulted him? What if that was the one opportunity he had to hear God's word preached? 
I write this post tonight as a reminder to me and to you: 
People watch what you do, they listen to your words, they gauge your reactions, they chronicle your responses.
And the one question I leave with you tonight is this...
Does your life reflect the love of Christ or do people simply want their money back?


Kristy K said...

Good post Jess! I blew it recently with a friend... I've been praying for her for years and a situation arose where I wasn't following Christ's example. Thankfully, she had a lot of grace and it worked out okay and she's had more chances to hear about Jesus.

After years of being in church, I totally understand why people get the impression that Christians are fake, uncaring, judgmental, etc... I hope I can change that impression with my life, at least a little.

Jessica Kirkland said...

Yes, I have blown it myself before as well. But, the truth is a heartfelt apology goes a long way. I think when people in the church will not admit those goof-ups that is when real damage is done. We all make mistakes and we are all sinners saved by grace. Thanks for reading and the comment! Can't wait to see you at She Speaks!

Kevin said...

Hi Jessie,
As a fellow Christian, I'm absolutely delighted to see the use you have made of my image of a signpost. All of us need Christ. Hugely. There is no other way to the Father heart of God. May He bless you deeply as you continue helping others through your blog.

Jessica Kirkland said...

Aww. Kevin glad to do it. Ya know, I love that site. It keeps my blog looking great and has awesome pictures (just have to hunt for them). If you'll send me your RGB user name I'll go back and check out some of your other pics. I use so many I never can find the same people twice!