Sunday, May 8, 2011

When the Poop Hits the Floor on Mother's Day

  I can honestly say that I've never banged out this particular triplet, toddler incident involves poop.  Today, I'm feeling pretty candid on Mother's Day - so roll that beautiful poop verbage. My sincerest apologies to any editors, publishers, or important people who might be viewing my blog today - but this story desires to be told.

There once was a woman who lived in a shoe.  
She had dirty children and knew not what to do!
 Her husband was gone far away to a game of footballs, whistles, and touchdowns that day.
All in diapers and covered in dust; to the bathtub they would go.
Soap was a must!
Have you ever bathed three babes in a tub?  
With two year old triplets, there was much dirt to rub!
I was feeling good, this wasn't so bad. 
Bathtime with triplets by myself; no dad.
Until, I saw it. There arose a strange sight. 
 A floating brown blob caused me great fright.  
I needed a net or something to scoop.  
It was contaminating my bathtub, for this was much poop.

There was no net, no scoop, or help around when I began to gag.
So, I did what every inventive, multi-tasking mom would do and got a rag.
Into the toilet the rogue poop went, but the triplets were now filthy again.
I drained the water, stood them up right, and rinsed them off with all my might.
Out Laci! Out Seth! Out Leyton too! This place smells just like a petting zoo.
One might think we were clear since bathtime had closed,
until I smelled something putrid wafting near my nose.

In horror I looked left and looked right, to see Seth pushing with all of his might.
"No Seth!  Wait for a diaper!" But, it was too late.
My carpet was soiled and there was no time to waste.
These tots were not trained to poop in the pot, and they didn't care if they had diapers or not. 
I cleaned up Seth and looked for Leyton, but much to my shagrin.
I found him behind the rocker, with a pile of poop once again.
I cleaned up scene number two and raced to find my girl.
She was gagging in the corner while peeing on the floor.
"Oh, Laci! Please no!" My voice must have roared.
Cause she fled in fear to the wet bathroom floor.
She wobbled and slipped like a puppy on ice, her feet over head she hit the wall twice!

Sometimes, this is the scene with a house full of babes.
Who pee and poop and messy up our days.
But, all in all- I wouldn't change a thing.
For these are the funny blessings that God sometimes brings.

Happy Mother's Day! 


Esther said...

I had a poop-in-the tub incident. I removed it with a sieve. Needless to say, i don't use that sieve in the kitchen anymore :)

Happy Mother's Day :)

Jessica Kirkland said...

LOL. That is funny too. Your girls are adorable! Happy Mother's Day Esther!

Angela Mackey said...

I have so many poop stories you would think I had ten kids! LOVE this story!