Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I wish you could have witnessed or maybe not my romp across the yard this morning. I was chasing a dog that doesn't know his name - ya know, the street dog.  He's been nameless for so long that I suppose we can call him anything, because he comes to nothing.  I've not owned a little dog in quite some time. He's a Cockapoo, that unfortunately, now looks like a Poo-Weenie.  Yes, you heard me right.  The groomer asked if I wanted him cut like a cocker or a poodle.  Since poodle felt girly, for a young strong handsome dog like himself, I decided Cocker was the way to go.  
Let's just say...I'm embarrassed for him. He looks ridiculous. Currently, he's shaved short on top with a Weenie dog looking body, with fluff underneath like a Cocker Spaniel.  I'm just glad he's a dog.  I mean, I've had bad haircuts and cried myself to sleep before, especially in Junior High when my hair dresser used to trim my bangs like Ni-Hai-Kai Lan. 

This morning, I was sporting exquisite baby blue bottoms from Target with my Dallas Cowboy vintage tee from Hibbets, when street dog decided to sprint down the road.  There I was (barefoot and all) chasing a dog who doesn't know his name down the street who now looks like a Poo-Weenie instead of a Cockapoo.  Maybe he felt like a puppy scorned and he set out to find a new home. I wouldn't blame him. The groomer stripped him of his identity (we had named him Curly due to all his cute curls).  It's a doggy identity crisis I suppose.  Yet, I can identify.

Robb and I have been chasing something this week as well.  For those of you that follow me on facebook, you probably know that Robb is in the final moments of knowing what his job will be for next year.  We are beyond chasing a job.  We simply are chasing God's will. Where His will is, His peace is.  And my brain is exhausted from the possibilities.  It's down to two schools.  One leaves us where we are, the other moves us away.  My devotional this morning spoke directly to my heart: "remember the miracles God has done for you."  
Yes, I remember them. They are etched in my brain and written upon my heart.  It's a full circle moment for us, reminiscent of the days when we were uncertain about bringing three babies home from the hospital.  We wondered then how God would provide, how we would take care of triplets, and what job Robb would find without taking a huge cut in pay.  God did then what He does best: he performed miracles. So many, that I could fill up book upon book. We don't know what the future holds for us.  Yet, we are chasing the heart of God.  Wherever He leads, we will go. 


Angela Mackey said...

Beautiful post girl. Praying for you all!