Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Pup on the Block

Baby A believes that our new street dog is the smartest pup on the block. 
She is thoroughly convinced that he has been smiling at her. 
Oh yes, I think I forgot to mention... 
...we have a new puppy.  
The kids call him a "street dog" cause--you guessed it-- he's been on the streets.  
But, we're not complaining. 
 This street dog is the best natured dog we've ever owned.  
He is house-trained, barks at the door when he needs to go the bathroom, rides in the car better than my children, and even sits on command about every third time
Baby A is terrified of dogs and we promised that if she could show us she wasn't afraid, we would
let her pick out her own puppy. 
The plan went south a few times as she tried to force herself to "not be afwaid." We tried out
several dogs at the no kill shelter that ended in tears and convulsing. 
She just couldn't do it. 
Then, a friend of ours offered up the stray she rescued from the street.
We all, the boys eagerly so, prayed that she would be free from her fear
 right before my friend came by for the offical puppy meet-n-greet.  
And miraculously...
P.S. Don't mind the horrible picture quality or the miniature size--I just wanted you to see miracle for yourself.
Baby A wasn't afraid and the boys were beside themselves.  
Baby C said "HEY!!!! God heard our prayer - cause LOOK- she's not afraid." 
Even puppy adoptions can create opportunities for a teachable moment. 
 I never get too attached to animals-- especially after I had children--
but this one's already stolen my heart.