Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The God Who Sees You

Today, the kids and I were driving through town when baby A says:
"When I look out the window to the right. I see Jesus."

"Well that's good, what does He look like?"
"Mom, I can't see his whole body; I just see his face.  He doesn't have a beard though."
"That's nice. Do you think he shaved it?"
"I don't know, but he is wearing his white robe."
We keep driving.
"Hey! Now, I see Jesus and God together!"
"And what are they doing now?"
"They are praying together.  Mom, I can see straight up to Heaven.  
They are praying because they love us. Our heaven-house is up there too."

"Is it big?"
"I can't really tell, because I just see it, but Jesus' parents are standing in front of it.  Ya know, Mary & Joseph."
"'re right Mary & Joseph are in Heaven too."
"Yeah I know, I just told you I see them."
We turn onto the highway.
"Mom, just everywhere we turn, God and Jesus are watching us. They just see us all the time. 
I wipe the tear from my cheek and sigh.  
{Thank you God for seeing us today. You are El Roi, the God who sees.  It is your very name and we take You at your word.  You see our circumstance and you are Mighty to Save.}


Angela Mackey said...

Beautiful friend. Thank you for the reminder!

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Robb said...

Love you girls!

Robb said...

LOL. Apparently Robb was signed in when I replied. hehe