Monday, March 21, 2011

On power and prayer and how you were a part of it...

My brain is full.  We have had a loaded week with loaded conversations and my brain is in over-drive.  Is it even possible that this is only Monday! Cowboy take me away!
Yet seriously, I would never let a cowboy take me away because I absolutely dislike horses. And this fact is pretty irrelevant to this entire post, but I feel the need to keep typing.  I do like horse pictures though. They are pretty. :)
So, let's get on with it, shall we?  Let's talk about you. And this...
No, this is not an art project created by Baby A, B, or C.  And technically, we didn't actually make this, but if you follow me on facebook then we recently did this together.  
Prayer chains. 
 My friend Angela was discussing prayer on her blog a few weeks ago.  Angela asked several thought provoking questions about the commitment of believers and prayer.  For example, she mentioned when someone shares a prayer request on facebook and immediately people say "praying for you," are they really praying?  Of course there is no way to know what someone else does.  But, we can all make sure that we don't take those commitments lightly.  
So, back to you.  And this...
A few weeks ago on facebook I posted an urgent request about my mammaw's salvation. She does not know the Lord.  She was scheduled for knee replacement surgery and was really nervous about the outcome.  My aunts had been talking to her about Jesus and she flat out told them that she did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God nor did she believe in life after death...period. And with that period, my heart felt like it burst into a million pieces and I spilled some of that grief in this post. And here's where you came in. 

I asked for prayer for her and an overwhelming response from people on facebook that said they would join me in prayer for someone they didn't even know.  I was deeply touched. I also text my entire family and we all prayed at the same time for God to open her eyes and save her. Then, we waited.

 In a strange turn of events, my mammaw's surgery got put off for 1 month.  She did have surgery on March 3rd and is recovering well.  Last week, my aunt, who has been caring for her, also had to have knee replacement surgery.  Because they were both down, my mother went Sunday to help both of them.  And yesterday morning in the kitchen, my mammaw said this to my mom:

"So, Jamie, with all the things happening in the world, are they saying this is the end times? Because with everything going on, I just really feel like Jesus is going to come back any second.  You know it says that the trumpet's going to sound and it's going to happen in a flash."

Come again?!?!? My mom almost fell over.
  So, I don't know every detail about what has transpired in her heart.  But, I see the hand of God at work. His handi-work never ceases to amaze me. Six weeks ago, she was not open to Christ.  Today, she is talking about trumpet blasts and His return.  And she brought it up and wanted to discuss it.  And she obviously has been listening and reading about Him to know those things.  And because we know that it is God himself that draws us into a love relationship with Him, then we can be confident that God has visited her personally. Isn't that so exciting? I know that God heard my prayer.  He heard our prayer and I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart. 
A door has been opened in her heart.
Please continue to pray that God will help her walk through it.


lisasmith said...

Add me to the list of pray-ers, friend.

Warren Baldwin said...

God is at work in her heart! Praying for her heart to remain open.

Jessica Kirkland said...

Thank you both for praying. It's working and I feel God's smile from here.