Monday, March 14, 2011

Love and war

If you follow me on facebook, you may have noticed.  
We've been at war.

Well, not real war, but facebook war.  It all started when a certain someone saw that I was signed in to facebook.  Ladies, never leave your facebook open and unattended.  Bad bad things can happen.  It came down to this...

He posts on my page (pretending to be me):  "Oh how I love how the wind blows my hair. Aren't I so pretty?"  

Really?! Really?! 

My mind went haywire. What if someone thinks I'm conceded, stuck up, self-centered?  Surely no one that saw that actually believed I would write that?  Then, my mind drifted to all the people I am friends with but only virtually. Well, they don't really know me.  What if they thought bad of me? What if they said, "man, she's not exactly whatI thought?" 
Oh how the list rattled on because of the accidental hijacking of my wall.  

I threatened war.  The sleep-with-one-eye-open-crazy-wife-gone-wild kind.  

Then, today, I saw it. A blinking an unattended computer.  So, I seized my payback with:

"Man, do I look good.  Look, how good my #9 Dallas Cowboy jersey looks on my buff body."

And what happened?  

Oh nothing but virtual fist bumps and "likes" from his little entourage of "peeps."  

Gotta love or despise  the differences between men and women! 


RR Mama said...

I love this! I saw how he hacked into your Facebook. Way to go! And just so you know I get on Hubs' quite often. And it helps that I know his password!

Jessica Kirkland said...

well what's funny is he goes, "when did I leave my facebook open?" or "did i not leave it open and you just know my password!!!"

LOL. I don't know his password. But, I do know him so if I tried I could probably hack in. He just didn't remember leaving it open.

I hope he went to bed feeling very vulnerable!

Angela Mackey said...

Love it friend! Hilarious! Next time when you hack though you need to comment on some bodily function. That will do it. LOL ;) Maybe!

Jessica Kirkland said...

@ Angela - ha. yeah you would think a bodily function comment would do it...but probably not with robb. he's pretty tough to embarrass. I live in embarrassment limbo and he cannot be cracked!!!!

lastingtransitions said...

That's super funny! Is there going to be a Round 2?

Jessica Kirkland said...

just wait for it...just wait for it.

Kristy K said...

too funny Jessie! I never once thought you were conceited!! At least he didn't write what my friend's husband wrote on hers... "Have to go #2 so I'll be in the bathroom for a while." Ick!

Jessica Kirkland said...

LOL. don't give him any ideas. And for me that wouldn't be so far fetched! People would just say "Did you accidentally eat wheat jessica?"

lisasmith said...


You gotta put something like 'I promised my wife to clean out the garage AND mow the lawn this weekend and she promised me s*x.'

Still fist bumps and cheers but you get a little benefit too! ;D

ps can't believe i'm actually gonna post this. it's late. i'm tired. enjoy the laugh.