Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sticking Power

The smell is unmistakable. 
 It has sticking power. 
To skin. To memory. 
To life.  
When I breathe it in my mind flashes. 
My heart giggles that something like hospital grade anti-microbial soap makes me do this.  
So silly.
Yet, I step back in time. 
To Wheelchair rides from my favorite nurse.
To luke-warm trays from the cafeteria.

To daily weigh-in's and questions like "Is it normal to gain 4 pounds a day?"

To 60 degree room temperatures and still feeling hot.

To snickering...while the nurses chased Baby B's heartbeat on the monitor.

To doctor's from France.
To bedrest and waiting. 
To praying. 
To hoping.
To counting on grace to wash over us.
 As promised.  

And today, as I prepared for yet another surgery. 
 I washed my hands as the mirror stared back at me.  
And I inhaled.  
Breathed deep...
...the sweet, sweet fragrance of walking hand and hand with the Savior. 


Sarah K - Sentiments by Sarah said...

Oh Jess, that was just beautiful. May God's healing hand guide all those involved in your surgery and your recovery.

Jessica Kirkland said...

Thank you Sarah. We have yet to have our play date haven't we? I heard there is gluten free pizza at NY Pizzeria in Kingwood. maybe we can meet up there once I'm recovered!