Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If you click this...strong emotions might soon follow

My insides twist a little and heat fills my face.
 No, I'm not mad.  I'm frustrated. 
 Don't you think the demand to be politically correct is a little out of hand?  
Simmer down now and take your hands off your face.

See, you think I am about to not be politically correct.  
You might even be afraid that I am going to say something about my belief that doesn't make your belief seem okay.  
What makes me crazy about a push to be politically correct is that in theory it seems good, but the method to get people there becomes hostile.  Suddenly, taking a stand is demanding that people pick your side. 

Isn't demanding one viewpoint and suppressing the voice of another the way political correctness was birthed in the first place? The actual process to push our culture to be good to everyone, to be politically correct, and never hurt anyone's feelings actually throws the viewpoints of ANOTHER group into slavery?  
The process BREEDS politically incorrect behavior!
Don't you see how twisted this can get?
  "Side with us" or your inhumane, you don't care about others. It's the ultimate trump card.  

 Political correctness was born out of a need to not hurt people.  
On that note, I agree.  
I never want to hurt anyone's feelings.  I don't like my feelings being hurt either and I am really tortured if someone misunderstands my intentions.  
But, political correctness is knocking at the door.

  It yells "side with me or you are not a good person."  
 But, what if my values butt heads against your values? 
 Political correctness screams, "You can't disagree with me...that would be politically incorrect."  
What do you think about the push to be politically correct?  


Angela Mackey said...


I totally agree with you. However it must be done in love...with love! Drenched in grace!

Love you Friend

Jessica Kirkland said...

You are very correct! Love you too girl!