Sunday, February 27, 2011

Holes in my abdomen

There are holes in my abdomen.  Five of them. Baby C has been relentless with questions.  He is paparrazi-like in his quest for information about my holes.  Never tiring, around every corner he is there with more inquiries. 
"Why do three babies in a mommy's tummy make stickies that the doctor's have to take out?"  Translation = Why did the doctors have to remove abdominal adhesions from my abdomen? 
"And why God put three babies in your belly? Why is that not normal? How come you asked for three and not just one?"
"Well, technically...we prayed that God would give us a baby, but we never imagined He would give us all of you at once!"
  Tonight, there are holes in my abdomen. 
Five of them.  
But, three wonderful reasons why my heart is full. 
Overflowing with gratitude.
And with his magnifying glass to his eye and super hero cape flying he was satisfied with my answer for the moment anyway.


Moderate Means said...

Fabulous pictures. Absolutely charming!

Jessica Kirkland said...

thank you so much stacy. thanks for reading!

Esther said...

cute kiddos :) Good luck satisfying a child's curiosity!!!

Jessica Kirkland said...

thanks Esther. yeah, c is my very very inquisitive child. he asks me lots of questions and they are sometimes deep and spiritual. he can be a challenge...a sweet one...but a challenge in the questions department.