Monday, December 13, 2010

The very likely possibility that I won't send out a Christmas card

Ho. Ho. Ho. We are ready for Christmas.  Maybe, just maybe, I will get a Christmas card sent out this year.  Don't get your hopes up though.  I won't throw out any statistics, but there is a slim chance that 2010 could be my year.  There is an even greater possibility that it will be a New Year's card instead. :)  Every year, I make an attempt at altering my personality to accomplish the task of sending Christmas cards.  You see how successful that attempt has been. :0 Here are some sneak peeks at the pictures we took today (you an attempt to accomplish the "Christmas card" task).  If the card, for some very odd reason does not  make it to you by Christmas or New Year's for that matter, then you can simply come by my blog and enjoy the Christmas pictures that should have found their way to my card or for that matter found their way off the computer and onto paper. Ho. Ho. Ho.