Friday, December 17, 2010

Jessie's Top 10 in '10: Christmas gifts that won't disappoint

Favorites.  It's not really fun when people play favorites.  Unless you are the favorite and this Christmas I am doing just that...I'm play favorites with what I think are some of the best Christmas gifts for 2010.  If you are doing some last minute shopping; keep my top 10 in '10 on the top of your list.

1.  Give back with TOMS shoes. I love these darling little shoes.  Man, woman, or child, they can be yours.  So, here's the great part: For every pair you buy, TOMS will give a pair to a child in need.  *The ones I ordered ran small all across the board, so I would recommend ordering up a full size.*

2.  Meet my new favorite necklace.  I like to consume ACAI and soon I will get to wear it on my neck as well.  Neat concept don't you think?  Not only does it look great, but it's another gift that gives back.  The Andean Collection was founded to "bring sustainable change to impoverished communities in South America."  Local artisans actually make gifts like this great necklace.  Check it out at:

4.  Leave it to Kate Spade to make a great cover for your I-phone.  Whether you have a 3G or 4G, there are a variety of covers that are really cute. Here's one of my favorite looks for Iphone 4. I wish I could have gotten the picture to work right, but I'm not the techie I strive to be so follow the link:

5. I love these!  Dainty, useful, and reasonably priced; you can never go wrong with Pottery Barn's jewelry display frames.

6.  New Balance 850 Toning Shoes.  I have personally owned these for a few months now.  They look great, tone well, and are not awkward like some of the other brands.  They can be yours (or a gift for someone you love) for a mere $89.50.
 Women's New Balance 850 - Toning

7.  My nephew got this gift a little early; The Veggie Tales Nativity.  It has been all the rage!  Baby C has tried to confiscate it from my sister's house.  When visiting today, the trips relentlessly fought over Larry.  If you have a young child, I whole-heartidly recommend this gift.  And it's on sale too!

8.  This gift keeps my children entertained for hours on end.  From Fisher-Price, it's the Follow Me Thomas train.  

You guide the train along it's path with a light. Everywhere the light goes, the train follows.  It's really a neat gift.

9. I am slightly bitter about this next gift idea.  The Tyler-Poppy flat from Coach.  I love a cute flat.  I love navy and green together.  I am bitter because my feet are so incredibly large that these do NOT come in my size.  I'll try to control myself.  And just in case you have feet like the rest of the planet, here's the link for you to purchase a pair:

10. Last, but not least, the smell of burning toast can be smelled in the wee hours of the morning throughout my house,thanks to my husband's favorite toaster. It's not just any burns a star in the middle of his toast.  It's not just any's the Dallas Cowboys star.  I've never seen a man eat a piece of toast quite like it.  Yet, I have to give it props.  So, if a Cowboys fan resides in your home, make his day and make that man some toast.,1490,0.htm


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