Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eat Pray Love and Give Thanks

As I prepared my gluten-free Thanksgiving feast tonight, I watched the movie "Eat Pray Love."  I did just that.  I ate approximately two M&M cookies from each batch I prepared, prayed for God to forgive my gluttony, and unfortunately loved every last morsel of them.  Sigh.  I am sure you are absolutely dying to know what I will be eating tomorrow, so I will keep you in suspense no longer. The usual: turkey, gluten-free dressing, gluten-free macaroni, gluten-free sausage balls, gluten-free gravy, and cheezy soup (my kids request).  Oh, and assuredly some additional, sinful, gluten-free M&M cookies.  Just like the movie, I've found my way on the gluten-free path to eating.  Just like the character in the movie, I will probably be lying on the floor trying to button my jeans by the end of the day.  See, that is the thing about gluten-free; you can actually eat just as bad as the traditional American diet (especially with a little effort).  Once you get over the shock of your new lifestyle, you find yourself finding ways to eat bad.  I still have to watch myself.  Sometimes, I watch myself eat cookie, after cookie, after cookie.  Then, I pay for it, and start a New Year's resolution early.  All that gluten-free talk aside, here are some things I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving:
1.  A husband that is a good friend, good dad, and likes to spend time with his family (despite having to give up a little hunting every now and then).
2.  My children.  I'd just like to say that my life would be so boring without them.  They really do light up each day.  I'm glad to be around to watch them giggle and grow.
3. Good friends.  I used to be a friend junkie.  I always felt like I needed "more friends" to be happy.  Yet, over time I've realized that a few life-long friends are more than most people see in a lifetime.  Friends are important- my life would be empty without mine.  Happy Thanksgiving to the best friends a girl could ever ask for: Joy, Megan, Penni, Jennifer, and Georgie!
4. God's truth.  I am thankful that when life gets confusing and I lose my way, that I can always look to the truth of God's word to bring me to what matters.
5.  Gluten-free cookies. I am thankful for gluten-free cookies. Really. Really. Thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!