Friday, November 12, 2010

10 Things I learned from Nutcracker Market

Every year during the month of November, thousands of women (and some men as well) converge on Reliant Arena for The Houston Ballet's annual Nutcracker Market.  Crazed women, like myself, rush the arena with only one thing on the brain: shopping!  Here's 10 things I learned this year:

1.  The Doily is back.

doily (or doilie) is an ornamental mat, originally the name of a fabric made by Doiley, a 17th-centuryLondon draper.[1] Doily earlier meant "genteel, affordable woolens", "evidently from the same source"[2]

 Yes, the kind that my grandmother used to use as a drink coaster.  The doily can now be spotted on women's clothing.  You can hot glue a doily on just about any type of material and call it "vintage."  A sassy, vintage doily outfit goes for around $70.

2.  Shopping in heels is apparently okay.  I saw more platform heels today in one place than the entire Dillard's shoe department has in stock.  I've got three words for you: why, why, why?  No sane woman shops in high heels?!?! The walk from the car to the front door alone is enough to rub any civil big toe the wrong way.  Next year, I think I will have a designer Bandaid booth on aisle one so all the platform heel gals can buy some for their aching feet on the way out.

3.  Puff paint and plastic tubs go a long way.  I guess I am not clever enough to combine plastic with paint.  A plastic tub from Wal-Mart with some football's painted on it was selling for $25+ dollars.  Plastic? Puff paint?  Seriously?  However, they were quite cute and I must admit I loitered in the booth for quite some time.

4.  Baked Potatoes are hot.  Baked potatoes were all the rage in the food court.  They adorned every plate and table.  Hot ones, loaded ones, chopped beef ones.  Those spuds rocked the dining area.

5.  Don't sit directly in front of anyone's booth.  Yes, we were asked to move.  Yes, I got embarrassed.  There was a "check your bags" booth in the midst of the food court.  Mind you there were people sitting all around this booth (to the left, right, and front and center).  The tables were full, the standing room only tables were full, and behold there was but one clear spot.  Just as my jeans hit the floor I heard:  "Ladies, please don't sit there, that is the front of our booth!"  Hmmm... I guess we were the straw that broke the booth's back.  Yes, we relocated.

6.  The Marshmallow gun has evolved.  Last year, my mom's cousin, gave us some gifts from her friend that was the creator of "The Marshmallow Gun."  We've been shooting marshmallows across the house for a good year now.  Apparently, their weaponry has gotten more sophisticated. This year, we can launch marshmallows with a high powered cross bow, regular bow and arrow, and a more sophisticated gun.  Go Marshmallow gun, go!

7.  The beanie has gone banded.  Clever little girls.  Such great marketing ingenuity makes me smile for them!  Ladies, the beanie is out, the knit headband is in.  Still covers the ears.  Still fashionable.  Doesn't tossle the hair like a full covering beanie.  Pricing was very reasonable as well.

8.  Pregnant women get golf cart rides- wild ones.  Thank you Jennifer for being pregnant.  Thank you Valerie for having the nerve to ask the cop about helping our dear, delicate, pregnant Jennifer to the car.  Thank you cop for volunteering to take all of us and our packages speedily to our car (which was practically parked downtown it was so far away).  We almost got hit by a tram full of passengers and clipped a cone or two on the way back, but it was nice hitching the "wild" ride to the car.

9. Traffic jams do occur indoors.  I am not quite sure which was worse: the traffic jam of crazed women inside Reliant or the bumper to bumper traffic on 288 coming home.  I have never walked so slow indoors in my life.  I think my legs actually hurt from cutting my stride in half all day.

10.  Mommy's are tough cookies.  Not many things shock me.  I left NM with one sack in hand and my purse.  My back was absolutely killing me after 1/2 day of shopping.  Yet, I witnessed mommy after mommy with children strapped to their body (in some very fashionable slings mind you).  I know those times. Desperate times.  You just want to shop! You get so stir crazy in your home that you are willing to strap large, heavy toddlers to your back just to have some fun! Desperate times call for desperate measures. heart went out to these ladies- the absolute pain they must have endured towing those children on their backs.  Yes, you are correct - no strollers allowed at Nutcracker Market


Anonymous said...

haha! I loved that. I didn't get to go to the market this year, but I sure loved it last year when I went. Great story Jess!

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