Friday, October 29, 2010


Heaven.  It's a hot topic you know.  It's especially a hot topic around my house these days.  Baby A has been a deep thinker lately.  

She has been asking me a lot of when, where, why questions in relation to Heaven and God.  As we were driving to my mom's the other night she said:
"Hey mom, when Jesus brings the new Heaven down to the New Earth he's going to bring people with him.  I think Aunt G's dog Abbey, your rabbit Jack (yes I did have a rabbit in elementary school that died tragically the night before our garage sale from some kind of virus- he threw up all night. I cried), and Pops daddy will all come back with Jesus to the new Earth."  Then, she went into a 10 minute explanation of how "dog's go to the dog heaven and people go to the people heaven."  I guess all dogs really do go to heaven.
Baby C is a lip licker.  

We have been using every method of coercive speech in the book to persuade him to "Quit licking his lips."  He has the chapped ring around the mouth that you often see kids with who can't seem to quit licking them.  We've tried chap stick - he just thinks that tastes good and subsequently licks it off.  Baby C prayed:  
"Dear God thank you for making Grandmother healed in the hospital and thank you that you healed mommy's belly so she got a new one, and please just touch my chapped lips so that they don't burn my mouth anymore and I can stop licking them. Amen."  Needless to say, the ring around his lips was gone the next morning.  I said, "Hey! You're lips aren't chapped anymore!"  He jumped high in the air and said "Yippee!  God just touched 'em!" Today, we almost had a wreck driving to Wal-Mart for dog food.  Baby C said, "Whew! That scared me!  I guess God just touched our car so we didn't have to crash and go to heaven."
Baby B has been quietly, yet intently, listening to all the Heaven chatter around the house.  

He asked me the other night "how we get to go to Heaven."  So, I explained.  He and Baby C prayed their 4 year old version of the sinners prayer with me.  I know it's not the last time they will pray that, since they are still a bit young, but it's definitely a seed planted.  Tonight, we were saying our thank you prayers, when they decided to tell me a story.  C told me some jumbled cross between Jonah and the Whale and the Veggie Tale version with Pirates, singing, and spaghetti. :)  B told me some jumbled cross that ended with the question of the night: 
"Hey!  When we get to go to heaven is there gonna be a Quiznos there?"