Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chasing balls and dreams

It's soccer season. While the boys learn the rules of soccer, the do's and don'ts of the field, and chase balls from one end to the other, baby A and I cheer them on from the sidelines.  Soccer is a new one for me.  I grew up playing just about every sport except soccer.  I'll be honest.  Soccer practice is two times a week plus a Saturday game.  It seems like everything goes wrong on soccer days.  There are never enough seconds in a minute or minutes in an hour.  I literally stay in a sprint all day.
Get up. 
Cook breakfast.
Go to work.
Work for 4 hours.
Cook lunch at office.
Run home.
Pick up kids for school.
Sprint back to work.
Work for 2.5 hours.
 Pick up kids from school.
Drop them back off to the babysitter.
Change out of work clothes.
Change into work-out clothes.
Go to track to walk.
Run from track back home.
Pick up kids for soccer.
Drive to soccer still sweating from the walk.
Wait. Sit. Watch. Wait. Rest.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven."
I don't love waiting.  Soccer practice is just about the only time in life that I can say I enjoy the cold concrete beneath me.  I love to watch my boys laughing, kicking, and moving the ball up and down the field.  It's fun to watch them grow and learn.  
In life, however, I don't like sitting on the bench.  Yet, bench-warming is sometimes necessary.  I am in a "waiting season."  Did I mention that I don't like waiting?  I like end results, but that is the fleshly, run ahead of God side of me.  Sometimes it is God Himself that demands we sit out for a season.  He sends me us to the bench, for reflection and growth.  Sometimes, when we are in the game, it's hard to listen to the coach from the field.  When I played basketball in high school, I never wanted to come out of the game.  I got comfortable playing 4 full quarters.  I usually came out once a half.  There were usually two reasons that the coach would sit me down. 1) Rest or 2) Instruction.  I could catch my breath on the bench.  Grab some water.  Re-group.  Most importantly, I could sit down next to the coach for instruction.  Despite the fact that I disliked being pulled out of the game; bench-warming is necessary in certain seasons of life.  
My boys are on the field.  I am on the bench.  Just remember, what you learn from the bench might very well determine how effective you are in the game.  For now you can find me sitting on cold concrete, learning and growing according to the One who wills and acts according to His own good purposes. So, here's to chasing balls and dreams from the bench


Anonymous said...

Jessie, I am one of your Mom's oldest friends--the stories I could share with you! I loved her dearly and still do.

You are a gifted writer--hope you'll always make time to write from the heart as you do now.

The little ones are precious. Congrats to you and your Robb for living Godly family lives. Perhaps we'll meet someday.

From the TX Hill Country, Boerne, Betty Page Steubing