Thursday, August 5, 2010



I got a new one a few weeks ago.

Meet Stephanie.

Meet William.  

William is my younger brother. 

Meet the table at the rehearsal dinner. :)

And if you are new to my me and my husband Robb.

And of course...
Baby C, Baby A, and Baby B
Two ring bearers and a flower girl. 
Giddy ones.

Meet my parents on their wedding day (left).
Meet Stephanie's parents on their wedding day (right).
Meet the letter of her new last name.
Meet Rex. 
(No one ever said dinosaurs couldn't crash weddings).
I won't tell if you won't tell. :o

Meet the candy bar. 

There was break dancing.

There was family.

There were friends (dancing with family).

There was one sweet flower girl that danced the night away.

There was the mother of the groom.

The father of the groom (and myself at the rehearsal dinner).

The happy couple.

More break dancing.

Not many get a new one after 28 years, but I am glad we did.


RR Mama said...

I love my sister in law!!

Beams of Light Ministries said...

Awe! What a sweet post. Nice meeting the whole family. I hope you got to the Charlotte airport without any hassle. When I left after the conference, I got stuck on the road in front of the hotel for 30 minutes - for no reason - just congestion. D.R.A.M.A!!! But, I got to listen to the CD I got from Angela Thomas and that made it all better! Blessings to you!


Jessica Kirkland said...

Oh thank you Sanya! Yes, it was still that same traffic probably hours later when I was leaving. A wreck maybe? I met a wonderful lady from Houston on my way back to the airport on the shuttle. So, my trip back was nice and chatty. I loved Angela! She was so good. Glad we met at the conference; let's connect on facebook if you do it. Thanks for stopping by too!

The Benards said...

Your such a sweet sister in law! Thank you for being so sweet to Stephanie!!! I love your family!!!