Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Perspective changes everything

I have been collecting my thoughts.  My thoughts are still not collected.  Two weeks ago, I attended a writer's conference in Concord, North Carolina.  I do not think I have the words, shocking I realize, to adequately describe my time there.  A lot has happened.  The most important thing I can say about my experience at the conference is simply that...
God spoke in His still small voice  loud and clear.

I have been praying over some very big things in my life.  My health, my career, our finances, my family...let the list go on.  When I returned, I was tempted to rush to my blog and quickly bang it out on my keyboard.  However, like I said, I have been collecting my thoughts.  My thoughts = still not collected.  So, slowly, I will let you in on the things I have learned, the things that happened, and most importantly what God had to say.  

For one thing, I feel like I can breathe for the first time in eight years.  Have you ever flown over a thunderstorm in an airplane?  I had not.  Yet, while flying back from Concord, we flew over one.  Let me set the stage for you.  I do not fly that often.  The times I have flown, it has never been anything short of blue skies from the plane down.  I am a window-seat kind of gal usually because I am a claustrophobic kind of woman, that typically spends her time tracing the crop lines below in my head for hours.  After all, the normal short people can fold down their tray table and sleep, but us giants don't have that luxury.  
When our plane took off from Charlotte, we immediately entered a land of fluffy cotton balls.  

I can honestly say I've never appreciated these cumulus clouds more in my life.  I felt like I was in a Pixar film.  For the first time ever on a flight, I could not see the ground below.  Solid fluff.  And it was reflective.  After such a good weekend, I felt like I was still holding on to a tiny slice of heaven.  

...we flew right beside a thunderstorm.  
Perspective changes everything.  
There we were lost in a sea of cotton balls, when next to us was this massive thunderhead.  Everything above the storm was beautiful, fluffy, and brilliantly reflected the Sun's rays.  Then, as you traveled down the cloud, it turned gray.  Below it, you could see the white roll into a soft gray color.  Beneath the gray fluff, was a hazy mist of rain that was probably drenching  showering the Earth below.  In the cloud, the lightning was flashing and snapping. 
Perspective changes everything.  

I thought about the people below.  When it's storming outside, all you see is the dark sky.  You hear the thunder.  You feel the rain.  The dark clouds swirl all around and it feels like you might be swallowed up by the darkness. This thunderstorm reminded me of what the view from the top is during those storms.  As bad as your storm may look from the ground, the truth is, just beyond what you can see is a blue sky that is never separated from the Son.  We just can't see it from the ground.  
The fall is approaching. It is my favorite season.  I love the way it smells and the brilliant colors on the trees.  
Fall makes me feel alive.  I feel God's favor like I have not felt in a long time.  I feel His presence differently than before.  It is a new season.  
So, what about you?  Can you see the blue beyond your storm?
Perspective changes everything.

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32


Kristy K said...

Can't wait to hear MORE about what's going on with you!

Jessica Kirkland said...

Thanks Kristy K!

megan said...

i needed that, thanks!

Mr. & Mrs. TK said...

That's such a great perspective to have Jessica! BTW, guess which old NMBC acquaintance lives just north of Charlotte & slightly west of Concord in Huntersville? Darling old me! If you're ever in the neighborhood again, you have a place to stay if you need it!

Linda Strawn said...

you certainly have both writing and photo talent. glad i found i you. I would like to use the photo of the cross necklace as a background in a powerpoint show of lyrics to Be Thou My Vision, the 3rd verse. It speaks of Christ being my heart and treasure. this photo so brings those words to life. This is for a women's Community Bible Study in Clarkesville, GA. i will not use it for anything else. Thanks for your inspiring and convicting words.