Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No tease, just cheese please

I didn't intentionally have such a blog teaser and then decide to take a two week break from blogging.  It just happened.  One of the reasons for my silence has been the beginning of school.  
My "babies" are in Pre-K.  What's a mommy to do? There's already been some potty talk from the 
first day.  Leyton said a girl got "poop on the wall."  It's funny as long as it's not my child that got poop on the wall the first day of Pre-K.  Another kid apparently "swirled toilet paper."  Ahhh, the sounds and smells of pre-kindergarten are surely in the air.  Another reason for my absence has been a combination of both doctor trips and a new eating regime.  The blessed revelation is that I have "yeast overgrowth" in my intestines more commonly known as "candidasis."  This is basically where bad bacteria in the gut overtakes the good bacteria.  The yeast proliferates and acts kind of like barbed wire in your intestines. It chips away at your intestine until it escapes and colonizes wherever it chooses to.  It weakens your immune system, causes food sensitivities, inflammation, pain, and a whole host of symptoms throughout the body.  The good news is, with a very strict yeast free diet, this can be taken care of easily.  So, just as I did a year and a half ago, I am reconstructing my diet.  I was already living a gluten free lifestyle.  
This is more like "WWCE."

"What Would a Caveman Eat?" 
This yeast free diet is not for the weak nor is it for someone that mentally protests anything that is green.  Seriously, I despise most vegetables.  The select few that I do enjoy, after I've eaten them once, I do not want to consume them again for at least another month.  It's sad I realize.  This is a meat and vegetables only diet.  No sauces, no salad dressings, no dairy, no rice, no corn, no potatoes, nothing that ferments. No vinegars, no sugary beverages, no sugar period, and absolutely....
...no cheating.

Not even a little bit.  
I have been on the diet for one week.  The truth is that all I really want for Christmas is some some beloved cheese!  
A cheese-less life stinks.  All I want is some stinky cheese.  Cream Cheese. Cheddar Cheese. Fresh Mozzarella stacked on a tomato with some basil cheese.  Oh what a ratly feast.  Lemon rinds and cotton candy; moldy goodies everywhere.  

Ok. Enough with the Charlotte's Web.
Although I have done my fair share of "poor me" this week, I cannot complain.  I have been diligently researching, praying, and begging both God and doctors for an entire decade for an answer to my mysterious symptoms.  Now, I have the answer and compared to what I have been facing, it's an easy fix.  Cheers to plain jane cooking and nothing that ferments!


megan said...

ok that cheese pic was torture! atleast when u could have it i think we ate enough to last a lifetime! praying for u!! i can't imagine how hard it would be, but i'm so glad u got the answer to why u have been sick. love u!!!

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