Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You might not know

Well, as you have already seen, my new blog design is complete! You would think I have won the lottery because I am so giddy about the whole thing. I mean when you hire a gal that calls herself the "Blog Fairy" then you expect some magic, but artistic vision is sometimes hard to convey brain to brain. I work with graphic artists everyday and sometimes what is in my head and how it translates on the artists' end is completely different. Let's just say I have been sweeping up pixie dust all day because this Blog Fairy was excellent. Easy process, great instincts, and she did E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what I asked of her from design concept to installation. Thanks Emily! It was a pleasure.

For those of you who knew me long before my blogging days (and married days for that matter) might have seen the double meaning in my blog's name. Yes, I am a mom to triplets who are four. And double yes, I do live in a house with my lively crew (even though you might have bought the "shoe bit" from this post. However, Howse was also my maiden name. *Sigh* Long gone are the days in grade school when I could simply draw a simple house with a smoking chimney instead of actually write it out H-O-W-S-E.

Something else you might not know is a cute little story about when Robb and I first started dating. Robb, never being one to tell his business, had a best friend. He was a coach alongside him when he coached in Liberty (many moons ago) and his name was shockingly "Jesse House." Jesse and Robb were really close. They spent weekends fishing together among other things. Jesse also pushed Robb to ask "this Jessica" out on our first date. We had a few dates and things were going well. After a month of nightly dates and meals out together, I was fast on my way to my freshman 15 and I hadn't even gotten to college yet. I had not met Robb's family and I just assumed he was running home to his family gushing about this "great girl" he had been seeing *wink* *wink*. Since I was an open book about the new relationship, I just figured he was one too. Turns out, for an entire month he had simply been telling his family that he was with "Jesse." A slight sin of omission to which I know he revels in today. Finally, his parent's began to scold him about all the time he was spending with Jesse House. "Robb, Jesse has a family! Ya'll are spending too much time together. He's got responsibilities!" Eventually, (when he realized I was a keeper) Robb had to confess that it was actually "Jessica Howse" and not his good coaching pal "Jesse House." Aaaahhh...those were the days of our lives.

I hope you enjoy the new design as much as I enjoy your company. Come over, come often, and make yourself at home.


VWK said...

Ha ha...I remember the day he told us. Y'all were going to see Patriot Games or had been (he said Coach Jesse House), and I was telling him to quit keeping Jesse from Karen and those three kids! He got tickled and told us. He had told Jana and swore her to secrecy. So, he had me call her and start talking about how much time Robb was taking up from Coach Jesse's family. She stammered and stuttered all over the place...keeping that secret. Finally, we let her off the hook...she was sooo relieved! That was a comical coincidence. Love the new blog design...great job!

Jessica Kirkland said...

Yes, quite the scenario. Jana kept a good secret. Those were fun times. And thanks about the blog design. That fairy had some good dust.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I think I will come by often. I love the new page and your music!
God Bless,

Jessica Kirkland said...

Thank you Glenna. God Bless you too.