Thursday, July 22, 2010

A girl's gotta do...

Saturday I am going to one of these.
Don't ask me why as of this morning I did not have my wardrobe lined out for my brother's wedding this weekend.  
Really don't.  
Since you didn't.  
I've had a dress of the coral persuasion picked out for months.  I even found a cute as cute as a size 11 can ever be  bronze pair of shoes that went great with it.  Could a girl ask for anything more?  A one shoulder as close to a Jersey Housewife sheik dress in coral for a 3:00 affair? I didn't think so either.

So last night when my sister called and started with "We just can't be friends"  I still had no plans to be searching frantically for a new outfit today.  Sidenote:  Sister said we couldn't be friends because I let her buy a frumpy dress for our brothers wedding.  Side note #2:  I'm innocent of all accusation.   If the truth be told, she let me buy a dress that was so short that....well you get my point.  I'm not sure how that happened either, but we all (mother of the bride as well) set off to find "NEW" outfits today.  They departed to one town and I went to another.  

When you start the day out with a thought like "now if I could only find that pale pink dress I saw at JCP on the 80% off rack that only came in a 2 when I saw it" you know you are in for a long day.  I just needed a dress to match my cute bronze size 11 shoes.  Let me just say.  There are not too many outfits that match bronze shoes.  I did find this one that looked like a green lizard.  

But, it was an expensive lizard and after much contemplation I decided that the lizard really needed gold size 11's not bronze.  
Bye. Bye. Lizard Dress. 
I got a little panicked. 
Then I went to Macy's.  
What's that you say?  You hear the singing too? 
I found not one...not two...but three dresses at Macy's.  After much debate, I bought them all.  
One coral.  One blue and green number.  One blue with red flowers.  Of course, I would like the one which required a new pair of shoes.  
What's that?  
"Yes, most women do enjoy shoe shopping.  They do.  They drool over a good pair of peep toe pumps.  They do. " 

No, I dread shoe shopping.  When you shop for shoes and wear a 11/12 the peep toe pumps aren't so cute anymore.  Several stores were a complete shut-out.  Then I ventured on to DSW.  Apparently, DSW is a paradise for feet like me.  It was so sweet. They even had my size marked with a blaring florescent green sweet sticker with an 11 on it.  
The better to see you with my dear. 
 I guess they felt that the overly large shoe box was not enough of an attention grabber. :) Actually, the blazing sticker was useful.  And the salesman that followed me around- he was useful too.  I normally don't like to be waited on but this was a 
By the last aisle I had nine pairs of shoes waiting for me at the cash register none of which had a darn thing to do with the dresses I needed to match.   *Sigh* Don't worry- I only left with three pair.  I mean when you find a shoe that fits and you have feet like a gorrilla a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.  


Shannon R said...

Sounds like I love DSW.

I'm captivated by the picture of the bride in this post. Is she holding the bouquet behind her, or does her dress have a corset lace in the front??

Jan said...

Oh the life and times of a gal with substantial footing. Which I bet were "barking" by the end of the night. lol

Jessica Kirkland said...

@Shannon - Okay you made me do a double take at that bride photo. When I chose it, I thought it was her front, but it's her back. Double jointed? Interesting thought though. @ Jan - Yes, the neutral bronze shoes made it for about 3 hours. Then the blisters crashed the wedding. haha. So, I had taken your advice and taken some black flip flops. They worked out nicely for the line dancing. LOL.