Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Whale of a Tale

Baby C has been known to tell some whoppers.  As a tribute to my departure, the trips requested that the bedtime story be none other than Jonah and the Whale.  I have told it so many times now that we tell it fill in the blank style.  

"God told Jonah to go where? _______"  Kids repeat:  "Ninuba."
Also known to my adult audience as good 'ole wayward "Ninevah."  

Tonight was nothing special.  Jonah said no again.  
Jonah got on a boat that he should not have ever boarded in the first place.  

The storm came again with fury.  

Jonah went overboard and was gobbled up by Mr. Whale.

What's that?  You hear it too?  You hear the complete fabrication and newly constructed ending by Baby C?  Apparently, there is no need for me to attend She Speaks this weekend.  Apparently, Baby C could teach us all a thing or two about constructing a story.  He can be next year's lecturer in Storytelling 101: How to fabricate a tale and catch an editor's attention.  Truth be told, how could anyone doubt this face?

Right after Jonah was thrown up...
Baby C:  "Hey mommy, you didn't tell the part where there was that house (throws his voice to a mysterious tone).  You see, when Jonah got throwed up on the sandy beach, there was a house. A two-story and he went inside. And it was a scarrrryyyy one. So, he hopped back into the whale and there was angels in the whales belly this time.  And one angel was wearing glasses.  He told Jonah to go to Ninuba and tell those people 'bout God.  Then, Larry the cucumber was laughing.  And then Jonah was afraid and he told Larry, "Hey! I'm a cucumber and there's sand on that beach."  The End.


  [hwop-er, wop-]  Show IPA
–noun Informal .
something uncommonly large of its kind.
a big lie.

Need I say more?


Vivienne said...

I can definitely hear him tell that story! Just have to chuckle.

Jessica Kirkland said...

It went on for about 10 minutes. That was just all I could recall. Seth was just giggling right along. He knew that Leyton was crazed. LOL

megan said...

hahaha!! sounds like we have another writer on our hands!!!!