Friday, June 4, 2010

Sliding into Summer

Summer is here. Yay! Swimming lessons are over and our presence in the neighborhood was painfully apparent. I think the blood-curling screams from Seth and Laci were probably a dead give-away. Leyton definitely gets the "brave little toaster" prize (to which we made up). While Leyton was soaring bravely, our Goliath fell hard. Our little dare-devil Seth lost all courage. He screamed and pleaded with the swim teachers to "Pleeeaaaassseee get a wittle closer!" It was sad. But, even sadder so was the backtracking that Laci did. The beginning of the week was only a little salty with some select tears. As the week progressed, well....we witnessed the complete unraveling of her. Laci lost out on her strides toward the "muffin" prize. Who knows about that one? You ask a four year old what motivates them and in this case it was a muffin. On the other hand, apparently the muffin didn't have much persuasive power as our poor teacher has claw marks on her neck from the cat she was trying to teach to swim. I've never seen such terror. Oh wait, maybe I do recall a very "insignificant" event at Schlitterbaun when I was oh about eight years old. And let me just say, it was a really tall slide. I do not remember wailing like a crazy cat myself at the top of what I thought was only a lazy river ride. Turns out the only way off was down a MASSIVE slide. I refused. I stood up in my tube, wailing and flailing my arms and probably my mouth at my mother, and started walking backwards to the beginning of the ride. And suddenly, out of nowhere, an arm shoved me into my tube and all of a sudden I was at the bottom of the massive slide. how in the world did that happen? Don't worry, I went back as an adult and faced my fear like a big girl. The slide was still massive (okay, it was actually miniscule), but my tube and I fearlessly journeyed to the bottom. No tears this time. *sigh* These are the days of our lives. Although swimming lessons are over, we are sliding into summer just the same with smiles on our face. It's going to be a great summer!