Saturday, May 8, 2010

Well I am paying for it. My little stroll across the pasture has kicked me in my little drawstring shorts today.  I think I did a bit too much in the "strolling" department. I could not sleep last night because my back was hurting so bad. I spent the hours between 9 pm and 3 am trying to figure out why I was not sleepy.  I pondered this while nice and cozy in the recliner watching some reality wedding show.  Two sisters were getting married 6 months a part and decided their $3,000 "dress budgets" would not get them a gown of adequate prestige. So, they were going to pool their money, buy one dress, and share.  The owners of the shop were like "this is sooo not going to go well."  The little sister found the "perfect gown" while the older sister had to be begged (she did not like it so much), but agreed after much pleading.  Yeah, right.  So, not only did the little sister get the gown that she wanted, but also had the first wedding date.  If I was a betting gal, I'd bet that older sister will either beg for her own or kick herself for agreeing to the deal after all the wedding gown glory goes down the aisle with her sister.  By the time the drama all unfolded my back was hurting me so I tried the bed out for awhile.  I think I finally slumbered at about 4am.  Today, I have been stir crazy, got a crazy rash from my antibiotic, and unpacked all my nice hostess "rewards" from the 31 party I threw for my sister.  Lots of cute stuff!