Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stock Plunges, Earthquakes, and Oil Spills

Oh my. Stock Plunges, Earthquakes, and Oil Spills. Oh my.  Sounds like a line straight out The Wizard of Oz doesn't it?  I have had a lot of down time over the past week post-op.  I have read a lot, slept a lot, and watched a lot of the news.  It is really quite amazing, the news has been, during my down time. Walls have crumbled in Indonesia, Wall Street showed severe tremors today, while the rest of the world seems to be on shaky political and economic ground.  Earthquakes, massive oil pollution in our ocean, a 1,000 point drop (even though it recovered only down about 349 points) in the stock market today, riots in Greece, and hung parliaments in the UK.  What in the world is happening?  Well, here are some things to chew on:  Remember when I wrote about this prophetic little book I was reading called The Vision by David Wilkerson? Well, I am reading another prophetic little book written by Nicky Cruz, the infamous gang member that David Wilkerson saved from the streets of New York, called David Wilkerson: A Final Warning to America.  Here is an excerpt of what I read over today:

"Nicky, write this down: God is going to embarrass Wall Street and the whole greed machine. Here is how it is going to happen. I picture a fatalistic, lethargic madness. Wall Street is going to drift into a disaster on a cocaine high." He goes on to say that a man attending his church was recently fired and when asked what happened he said "I wouldn't play their dirty games. I wouldn't work under the table and I wouldn't snort cocaine with them.  Everybody, including the leaders, are all stoned, they're making their deals under the influence of coke."  He also discusses the real estate market and Japan as a factor in the fall of Wall Street "There is going to be massive unemployment.  There is going to be no real estate market in New York.  'No real estate market, how can this be? I asked him.' "Because you need buyers to have a market, he explained.  No one will want New York real estate--except at giveaway prices.  'What about the Japanese who have bought up such landmarks as Radio City Music Hall and so many of the finest hotels in Manhattan?' "The Japanese will be going home," said Dave. They are going to demolish our bond market and then pull out.  They won't care about America. Deuteronomy 28 makes that very clear.  Strangers will devour your strength and after they are devoured, they will go home and hiss at you."

I probably do a poor job at paraphrasing, but is that not what is happening right now in America?  America is fast "turning their back" on Wall Street, because over time Americans have been robbed.  We are seeing "loss" at an all time high in America when America is used to being a winner.  Retirements are being eaten away, jobs have and are being lost, and most of all; our hope is diminishing.  Hope that our children can enjoy the prosperity that those before us have worked so hard to obtain.  Executives are jumping from business platforms because their happiness is tied up in the dollar amounts in their bank accounts.  Innocent people have lost their entire life savings because of deals made in secret gone wrong. This book is eye opening.  This book was published in 1990, but the vision it details is from the 70's. I imagine when David Wilkerson started telling people in the 70's about the vision that God gave him, he was probably met with much cynicism.  It is easy to knock a prophetic word before you can physically see it coming to pass, right?  Well, as I sit here tonight, I see this vision fulfilled. Three decades later, it is either complete or in progress. When God gives someone a real vision, it always comes to pass.  I know that some things cannot be undone, but I pray that our nation will return to the Lord. I pray that God will open our hearts and allow our spiritual eyes to be open in these last days.  Although as a nation I believe we are reaping what has been sewn, I still know that God is love.  And in his sovereignty, He does forgive and save repentant hearts.  And despite earthquakes and tremors on Wall Street, as devastating as they might be, these are all reminders that God's plans will come to pass. That He is on his throne and He longs to give everyone on this Earth the chance to accept His Son, Jesus, and live.


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