Saturday, May 22, 2010

A little bread, goes a long way in my book.  
Finally, a gluten free bread that does not 
taste like cardboard.
Click here to read my examiner article
 on the subject.

In triplet news, summer play has started early for us.
We've been playing with all the great water
toys they got for their birthday and having a blast
trying them all out.
And then there are the lizards again...
Then, there is this little gal and her new passion for...
photography.  I can see that my money is going to be going
to printing a lot of pictures this summer unless she picks up
a new hobby soon.  I have been letting her take pictures (carefully) 
with my new Nikon that Robb got me for Christmas (which I love by the way).
Laci has taken an interest.  Here are her first shots of me with her lizard. 

Her hands are so small that it's pretty hard for her to maneuver it, but she's managed.
Today, for the sake of my Nikon I bought her a disposable camera.
She wanted to know why she couldn't view her newest "shots" like
my digital camera. So, I guess I'll be printing those soon.  
Photography this week, swimming lessons the next.
I heart summer!


VWK said...

The song "New Soul" was playing as I viewed the pics Laci took of you with her lizard...perfect! Nice job, Laci!!!

Jessica Kirkland said...

haha. Yes, she's quite intrigued with my camera lately. I posed a couple of times and she said, "No mommy, not like that, like this" and then she would tell me what to do. She catches on fast. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bread tip!!! I just threw out a whole loaf of nasty nasty cardboard last night. I'm going to central market when I get off of work:) I love your hair in these pics! Laci did a GREAt job. Love ya

Jessica Kirkland said...

@ CJ - Great, I'm glad I could tell you something you didn't already know. I figured I was on the tail end of the bread hype. It really is good. Tastes kind of sourdough like. It's good toasted and plain. thanks for the "hair" compliment - it's called not fixed, needs washing, im in a gown and still on bedrest...LOL love ya too!