Sunday, May 16, 2010

If I've said it once...

If I've said it once, well that would be a lie.  For it is certain that I have not said it once, or twice, or even twenty times.  What have we been talking about at our house today? I'll give you a hint.

What is green with a long tail and rhymes with gizzard?

"Seth, if you wrap that lizard's tail around your arm one more time, he will break!"
"Seth, quit putting that lizard down Leyton's shirt!"
"Seth, if that lizard hits the wall one more time, then you are in trouble."
"Seth, please pick the hair off the lizard. It's sticky and things stick to it."
"Seth, where is your lizard and why do you have Laci's?"
"Seth, please do not use the lizard like a yo-yo."
"Seth, lizards are not yo-yo's, you're going to rip his tail off."
"Seth, where is your lizard. Quit throwing Laci's."
"Seth, do not lick that lizard. That is gross."
Anyone that knows Seth, is certainly not surprised. Lil' stinker!

"Seth, get the lizard off your head."
"Seth, pretend to lick like a lizard, but don't really lick people or lizards."
"Sure Seth, you can sleep with your lizard. Just make sure he's night night too."

Yes, Seth has a new pet. 
Thank goodness it is not the kind that is actually alive yet!


Vivienne said...

Ha ha..that is funny! I know that once he got reactions, he was full speed ahead! LOL!!!

Jessica Kirkland said...

Yes, he certainly keeps things alive. The older he gets the more he surprises me too. He's the sneakiest and yet he's about to steal the most sensitive award from Leyton. LOL

Katie said...

Well I hate to admit this but Auntie I believe is the one that taught them to put in a shirt down someone's back.... :)

Jessica Kirkland said...

haha. Yeah that's probably true. hehe