Sunday, May 9, 2010

Candid Moments on Mother's Day

My children filed in one by one after church today to wish me ...well...actually they wished me a variety of things. 

Baby B: Busted through the door smiling from ear to ear. He whipped out his card and said "Mommy, I made you a card. Happy Valen's to you!" said in the best Southeast Texas accent a boy could inherit.  He also marched around the house like a Penguin all day today, licked my foot like a puppy, and pushed his siblings down "in love" of course, at least a dozen times.

Baby A: Twinkle-toed her way through the door smiling from ear to ear.  She said, "Mom, I made you a beautiful tard. Happy Mother's Day!"  Despite my thank you, she asked me about an hour later:  "Mom, did you say thank you for your tard that I made you?"  Then, she gave me a big kiss and her snotty nose slid right off my cheek.  Awww, the beauty of motherhood.

Baby C:  Grumplestiltsken marched through the doorway and said "I made a card at church, but it is MY CARD, not yours!"  As the other two munchkins showered me with their cards, I guess he felt a little left out.  He promptly came over: "Mom, here you go, this is for you instead."  Awww, thanks Leyton for the torn-out Sunday school lesson sheet from church.  The real card read "I love you THIS much." I've yet to see his though.  :) 

Yes, it has been quite a day.  They are all still VERY concerned about my belly.  Laci told me to "please let her know when my bobo gets better.  Tomorrow though, not today." Sure thing Laci.  Seth wants to "poke it," Leyton wants to "see it" and Laci just wants to know when I can "hold her like a baby again."  The above pictures are some of my favorites from the past.  I am proud to be a mom on Mother's Day, but happier to experience my children every day of the year.  


Anonymous said...

I hope you had a Wonderful Mother's Day! sounds like you did:)

Anonymous said...

Okay so I have tears. I love you guys. Kids are so precious. I love the differences in their personalities.

Anonymous said...

Guess I should have signed that. lol


Jessica Kirkland said...

Thanks. But, which Kim are you? I know 3! haha But, thanks for reading.