Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wait 'til you see our smile

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A little bread, goes a long way in my book.  
Finally, a gluten free bread that does not 
taste like cardboard.
Click here to read my examiner article
 on the subject.

In triplet news, summer play has started early for us.
We've been playing with all the great water
toys they got for their birthday and having a blast
trying them all out.
And then there are the lizards again...
Then, there is this little gal and her new passion for...
photography.  I can see that my money is going to be going
to printing a lot of pictures this summer unless she picks up
a new hobby soon.  I have been letting her take pictures (carefully) 
with my new Nikon that Robb got me for Christmas (which I love by the way).
Laci has taken an interest.  Here are her first shots of me with her lizard. 

Her hands are so small that it's pretty hard for her to maneuver it, but she's managed.
Today, for the sake of my Nikon I bought her a disposable camera.
She wanted to know why she couldn't view her newest "shots" like
my digital camera. So, I guess I'll be printing those soon.  
Photography this week, swimming lessons the next.
I heart summer!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Girls will be girls...

...and boys will be boys!

Monday, May 17, 2010

We've come a long way...



...and we're enjoying every minute of the journey!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

If I've said it once...

If I've said it once, well that would be a lie.  For it is certain that I have not said it once, or twice, or even twenty times.  What have we been talking about at our house today? I'll give you a hint.

What is green with a long tail and rhymes with gizzard?

"Seth, if you wrap that lizard's tail around your arm one more time, he will break!"
"Seth, quit putting that lizard down Leyton's shirt!"
"Seth, if that lizard hits the wall one more time, then you are in trouble."
"Seth, please pick the hair off the lizard. It's sticky and things stick to it."
"Seth, where is your lizard and why do you have Laci's?"
"Seth, please do not use the lizard like a yo-yo."
"Seth, lizards are not yo-yo's, you're going to rip his tail off."
"Seth, where is your lizard. Quit throwing Laci's."
"Seth, do not lick that lizard. That is gross."
Anyone that knows Seth, is certainly not surprised. Lil' stinker!

"Seth, get the lizard off your head."
"Seth, pretend to lick like a lizard, but don't really lick people or lizards."
"Sure Seth, you can sleep with your lizard. Just make sure he's night night too."

Yes, Seth has a new pet. 
Thank goodness it is not the kind that is actually alive yet!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Flashbacks. Hot Flashes. Back Flips.

Flashbacks. I have been experiencing them.  This surgery has caused visions of bed rest, monitors, and Pooh Trays to dance in my head.  I am not sleeping too well these days, but Laci has been gracious enough to lend me her bed since mine is like the 'Princess and the Pea.'  That's what my sister and I joke that my bed is like because it is so high.  Even at 5'10", it is a literal stretch to climb onto at night.

Hot Flashes. I am having these as well.  I think it's because of my plastic baby  drain tubes adorning my neck on a necklace .  This surgery has also caused me to move, feel, and look like a pregnant woman. Seriously. I am not kidding. I have to hunch. My drain tubes eew...I know  are in just the right place to push out and look suspicious. Although anyone that thinks that is a baby must think I am having a baby letter opener.  Sometimes they protrude straight out of my clothing like one.  When I was pregnant, the doctors said I had the coldest room in the hospital. The thermostat would not physically go below 60 and mine was set to 60 and I was still hot.  They brought sweaters to examine me.  Robb always looked like an Eskimo wearing a parka huddled on stretcher number 2 next to me.  Sometimes he would remove his arm from beneath his cocoon of blankets to shake a technicians hand. :) 

Back Flips.  I won't be doing any of these for a while don't get your hopes up.  But, in an effort to change my kids eating habits we tried something new for breakfast. And one could say that I am doing a proverbial back flip at the success of it all.  Since I have to eat gluten free, I usually eat foods that are natural and as close to what health experts like to call "living foods."  But, my kids have been eating the "old way" and habits are hard to break even in four year olds.  God has been convicting me of this and I do not want them to ever suffer as I have so we are changing our ways.  I am not saying that our plates will never see another chicken nugget from McDonald's, because they will, but today was day 1 of a new way of consumption for all of us. So, today, we experimented with blueberry protein smoothies sweetened with Truvia and they were quite a hit. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fun at the lake with friends