Friday, March 5, 2010

UT Cheerleaders, Dallas Cowboys, and Thieves!

A UT Cheerleader fixed my hair tonight.  She was the most methodical hairdresser I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.  She sorted, one by one, nearly 200 hair clips, bows, bands, and pony tails.  When she got near the end, she said "Hey I think sumpin's missin!" And then she sorted them all over again.

Once I removed the 400,000  twenty clips from my hair, the UT cheerleader, two Dallas Cowboy football players, Robb and myself headed to town to eat some mexican food.  I promised the babies that I would let them go to Wal-Mart and spend their "tickets" that my grandmother sent them for Valentine's Day.  Tickets, for those of you unaware, come in the form of green, George Wash$ngton's. :)

In the process, Robb and I could have very well been hauled off to jail for shoplifting.  We went through the self check-out line and couldn't figure out where the thieves I mean  babies had placed their new toys.  We looked all over until we realized they had unzipped the new backpacks the "tickets" had bought for them and stuffed all kinds of items in the backpacks.  Spiderman was clean, but Buzz and Dora would have been hauled off for sure.  The loot of choice included:

For Seth:  A Spiderman backpack and what has to be the 300th race car that lives at our house  and a red race car.

For Laci:  A Dora backpack and some Toy Story figurines.

For Leyton:  A Toy Story backpack and a second round of  Toy Story figurines.

Can you tell what we are into lately? All in all, we had a very fun day. It doesn't get much better than sliding, riding bikes, spending "tickets" and mexican food.


Anonymous said...

Fun Fun! That is what Brandons little brother and sister call money too-Dawson will swip Brandon's wallet out of his back pocket so fast yelling TICKETS! TICKETS! haha