Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Under Construction

There is without a shadow of a doubt  a very satisfied mosquito hovering in my house tonight. I haven't personally met him, but evidence is swiftly mounting against him.  He obviously snuck in sometime today. We have had the doors open and our yard, due to the massive downpour yesterday, has quickly become a mosquito retirement community.  Today, we began a tiny little construction project.  We are replacing the throw-up riddled, disgusting  carpet with some wood laminate like we have in the living room.  I knew carpet was a bad idea.  Trust me when I say toddlers + carpet = a very bad idea.  I think I will feel...well...cleaner when the carpet is finally gone.

Robb is off for spring break this week.  We have tickets to the rodeo, which I am looking forward to.  I can honestly say, after this year's rodeo, I will have been to the rodeo more times than I have in my entire life. Go figure.  But until then, he is enjoying some R&R!  I have been spending my days working and nights reading.  I've been making a concerted effort to do a little less social networking and give a little more time on the things that matter.  I have found some good reading material as of late.  Beth Moore's new book "So long insecurity" has not disappointed.  She is on target in my opinion with her analysis and suggestions.  I have also been reading a really fascinating book called "Miracle cures from the Bible."  It has been a fascinating little book, chalked full of interesting case studies and remedies.  I have taken up drinking Nettle Tea in the process.  It is supposedly good for all sorts of ailments.  Mother of multiples by day...herbalist by night.  
Okay...not really, but still I am falling in love with nutrition.  
Yes, it was a forced relationship due to some allerigies discovered in 
adulthood, but still falling in love just the same.


Katie said...

You need to come visit me in College Station...in the bottom of my apartment they opened a place called Red Mango, it's frozen yogurt that is all natural, certified gluten free, low cals around a 100, probiotic...and the list goes on but I think of you every time I go in there when I see the "Certified G-Free" sign on the wall :)

Jessica Kirkland said...

Ahhh...that sounds so good. I will come see you. What does your schedule look like over the next few weeks? I have been wanting to come anyway.

Katie said...

Well as of tomorrow I will be home for Spring Break but after Spring Break I'm open...I don't have school on Wednesdays or Friday and I am done at 11 on Monday's, Tues/Thurs I'm at school pretty much all day and my weekends are usually free

Jan said...

Aww Robb looks so sweet in his little bed. haha