Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's makes you *JUMP* *JUMP*

So, I won't admit that I had no idea it was even St.
Patrick's Day until Mary Poppins grabbed the SPD
shirts out of the closet.  It's not exactly a holiday high
on our radar.  We are still discussing Christmas around our
house. I heard Seth threatening Leyton with Santa's "naughty list"
last night. 
Despite the apathy towards SPD, we still sported the shirts.
And, our green shirts weren't the only green in the air.  
Check out our trampoline. Can you see it?  Oh, an antique'd
photo does the tree pollen no justice.  Our trampoline
is green. My car is green. And tonight, in remembrance of our "green"
day, Leyton said, "Hey mom, I need to give this to you." 
So, I blindly held out my hand and screamed in horror
as a wet, green friend from Leyton's nose was placed in my hand.
And here I was thinking my "friend bank" was full and
in no need of being filled. Thanks Leyton, you are too kind.
It just doesn't get much better than tree pollen and trampolines...
But, it's always more fun with the ones you love.
I was just hoping I wasn't maxing out the weight limit 
listed on the assembly instructions. :0 

St. Patty's makes you JUMP, JUMP!  Go ahead, pinch someone you love.