Friday, March 26, 2010

Helicopters, pedicures, and tigers "Oh My"

I am wearing a Tiger stamp.  Really, it's black.  I ate a baked potato for dinner and finished it off with some icing.  Then, Robb and I parked our cars at the church and walked to the Courthouse.  I paid $3 and saw some tigers (hence the stamp).  My friends Braci and Levi took a helicopter ride in a very 'I think that thing might crash at any time' helicopter.  Then, Robb and I walked back to the church and he played the Apostle Luke.  Well, actually it was just practice. Who knew I was married to a doctor? Then, I got a pedicure after closing time at H-Nail.  If you remember correctly, I am loyal to them and only them, since my last brush with danger at the Unnamed Salon. Really, it's true.  Oh yes, and I have blisters in my mouth because I consumed some wheat/gluten on accident.  Oh the adventures.

It has been an eventful two days. Yesterday, we visited one of the most awesome Pediatric Dentists in the area.  Being that I work for a theming company (go check out some of the projects World's of Wow is up to these days)I found this dentist office to be very entertaining.  They have theming of the jungle persuasion.  My kids were very entertained and therefore very good for their cleaning. Thank you Dr. Jai for making our experience so pleasant.  And the best part, besides the Chick-Fil-A gift cards we got for good behavior, was cavities.  And that brings a smile to my face. I've heard stories about Preemie teeth being not as strong so I was a little worried.  But, thankfully, they said to keep doing what we're doing. We played at the park to celebrate the lack of cavities and beautiful day.

The babies have declared a unified birthday party theme, which is just around the corner. Are you ready for this? Apparently, we are going to have a..................princess-ship-spaceship party.  I seriously doubt I will find that combination of party favors anywhere. What do you think? :0 Really.
Today, we had a picnic, side-walk chalked the driveway, and jumped on the trampoline.
And tomorrow, we will take the babies to the Jubilee for a fun day of bouncing, tiger viewing, and according to Laci "pony rides."  Gee, I hope there are some pony's available.  I love the Jubilee. Something about small towns that are just so quaint and cozy.