Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Practice makes perfect

The only real problem I saw tonight was a little oxygen deprivation.  On my behalf anyway.  One might refer to it as "winded," "out of shape," or simply having lost a skill or two over the last decade.  Oh where oh where has that decade gone?  
Our local Little Dribbler's are sponsoring an Alumni Basketball Game to help raise money for their teams.  I am trying playing. 
Tonight, we had our first practice.
I am still red in the face from our hour long scrimmage pretty tired.  
My calf muscles and I have been back and forth
 all night about their desire to cramp up.  
We did NOT play ahem...10 & 11 year olds tonight to practice.  
Okay, we did actually.  
Never fear.  We won, but we were pretty tired.
  However, I was really proud of our 6 man team
 for going a full game. 
 I heard through the grape vine that the 6th grade girls 
want a piece of us tomorrow.  

We will behave.
And we have 2 weeks to prepare.  
Practice makes perfect.