Monday, January 18, 2010

Unfolding Purpose. Wouldn't life be boring if our purpose in life came all at once?  Sometimes I feel like I want to know all the details at once, but the truth is...that would be just plain boring.  God is the ultimate story-teller.  He is omniscient and His ability to orchestrate life from creation down to the itsy bitsy occurrences in my own personal life truly amazes me.  What is truly amazing is the fact that God cares about the details of my life and yours.  It's the entire reason my blog is titled, "In The Details."  I love watching God be God.  I love watching his plans for my life unfold.  When Robb and I found out we were having triplets, we had a dilemma.  We lived an hour 1/2 from family and had just bought a house.  Robb loved his job and not only was reluctant to leave our new house, but was very upset about the future of his career.  He had no desire to return to that area to pursue his coaching career.  Matter of fact, he told me there were only two schools in the entire area that he would consider.  This was a bit problematic because the Head Baseball coaches at both of those schools had been there for nearly a decade, were hometown boys, and did not seem to be budging.  But, when you are having do what you have to do.  And for us, that meant moving home without a job. I wouldn't really call it a leap of faith.  It was a leap alright, but we were both really nervous.  I wanted Robb to enjoy his job.  I did not want him to resent me for forcing him to move.  But, at the same time I had to quit my job to go to bed.  I had not worked since January.  It was May.  And Robb was panicking, because he had a good job and we had just moved.  Despite that, there was another deadline driving our fear level up by the day.  He had until July 1st to sign a contract; either renewing his existing contract or signing something with a school district in our new town.  It was June 1st.  We had 30 days.  We had no idea how this was going to work.  Robb only wanted to work two places.  He had sacrificed a lot that year, and I wanted him to get a good job.  But, realistically, I was not sure how this would turn out in our favor.  But, God had a plan for us.  Not only for our family, but for Robb's career.  God did not forget about him; his dreams, his need to be content with his profession, and his happiness in a very stressful time.  By mid-June, both of the schools that Robb wanted to work for had job openings.  Robb has been a head baseball coach since his very first coaching job.  He had been very concerned about taking a lesser position as well.  But, these two job openings were both Head Baseball positions.  He got interviews with both schools and then he got to pick which place he wanted to go.  God completely had His hand in everything.  The details were worked out.  
Today, as I continue to pray for guidance for the future, God continually shows me that He is in charge of my details.  I prayed specifically today for God to be real in my circumstances, to show me in a real way if the direction I feel He is calling me in is right.  I specifically asked for a word from Him either through a conversation or something in my devotional.  Strangely enough, through a grocery sacker at the grocery store, God answered that prayer.  A heavenly ordained conversation.  A continual confirmation that God still cares about the details.  Sometimes our purpose unfolds.  One step at a time, God works through the details of our life.  He unfolds our life events and pieced together, they are evidence of the magnificent truth that God has been there all along.  I pray that my life brings Him glory and that I am a good steward of His love.