Friday, December 4, 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Yesterday these feet were off to what is hopefully one of the last two medical tests I will have to have run for awhile. Elegant aren't they? Can a size 11 foot be elegant? Really, can they be, really? Don't answer that. Elegant they may not be, but festive they were indeed. When you have to subject yourself to medical scrutiny, you might as well spread Christmas cheer! Plus, they looked good sticking out of the white sheet on my hospital bed. Add an oversized hospital gown that was tied up in all the wrong places and you have a ...well...go ahead and run with that image. The good news? I was well taken care of. Particularly, I was well taken care of by a tri-lingual nurse that used to be a linguist for the NSA. She and her husband were linguists in Korea for the United States government. What an exciting life! We chatted about her "past life" as she poked me and hooked me up to all of my equipment. It was like a page ripped right from a Dan Brown novel.

All in all, this girl and her feet (socks and all) got a clean bill of health. And might I add, some problems that existed before have resolved since I have removed wheat from my diet. More proof that wheat was physiologically changing my insides. Now, to move on to more important matters; Christmas is around the corner! Want to have a peak at one of Laci's Christmas trees?
She has two and she adores them! The other night I heard the clanging of ornaments and when I finally traced it to her room...I found her sleeping underneath her tree. She said, "Hey mommy! Look I'm a present!" And I have to agree 100%!
This is her posing the next night under her "Tismas Tee."
Although you might not be able to make out the theme on the boys tree; it's a sports & outdoor tree. Complete with a large collection of sports & outdoor ornaments that have been given to Robb and I over the years. I'm glad we have two boys that can enjoy them like we have!
Leyton & Seth posing in their Cubbie vests. Cubbies is what the three year old program in Awana's is called. At Cubbies they memorize and recite scripture; it is an excellent program. I have even been learning a thing or two myself!

Tomorrow, Santa is coming to town or technically Santa is coming to breakfast! Our church will host the 2nd annual Breakfast with Santa. Pancake breakfast, games, reading of the Christmas story, and pictures with Santa...all for free! What more could you ask for, right?


Jan said...

Love the trees! I didn't know the boys were doing Awanas. That's great. Is Laci in it too? Is it at your church? Love the socks. You gotta accentuate what you have! LOL!!!

Jessica Kirkland said...

Yes, they all do Awana's on Wednesday nights at my mom's church. Our church does Bible drill for older kids, not Awana's. It is an excellent program; I am very impressed with it so far.

That's right! Work with what you got, huh?!