Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Great Value & Chuy's....

Well, it's official. I have dropped. To be a little more precise, I have "shopped til I dropped." Officially. Twelve hours ago my mom and I set out to knock out the rest of the gifts on our Christmas lists. Needless to say, my list is almost just as long at 10:52 pm as it was this morning upon departure at 9:30am. Oh my. My mammaw likes to hold her chest and gasp at the exciting and/or overwhelming things in life; this is a chest holding moment. Trust me. It's not that Christmas is suddenly going to jump up to December's just that my opportunities to accomplish all this gift buying is slim.

Laci attended this marathon with us. I couldn't have asked for a better shopping companion! She was getting a little delirious towards the end of the night. She begins to ramble during such times! She got a little fed up with her panty hose on the shoe aisle in Academy. I had one boot on one leg, and one Nike tennis shoe on my other when I looked over to see her de-clothing herself. Like I said, delirious...

In other news, Chuy's Mexican Restaurant shall forever be on my "never going there again" list. Before, I criticize their menu...I would like to say I am thankful to them for taking the time to warn me that there was absolutely not one thing on their menu that I could eat. Some people would have just let me risk it. Instead, they sent their manager to bring me the bad tidings. Only one thing that could be adapted or changed up a little to accomodate my gluten sensitivity; a piece of non-seasoned plain chicken. I can honestly say that is the most option-less place I have ever been to...period. The most shocking thing of all is that they actually used to have an ENTIRE gluten free menu. They apparently got rid of it altogether and then started adding flour to EVERYTHING on their menu. Even normal things that you would think are safe like, "corn tortillas" and "queso" and "hamburger meat." Yes, somehow they have managed to put flour or combine it into things that are better off without it. They can now be on the list with Wal-Mart changing the "Great Value" brand of soy sauce from gluten free back to "wheat-filled." I don't see the point in that either. Why Wal-Mart, why? My only hope for homemade Chinese food down the tube!

Dear Great Value & Chuy's,
Here is your bag of switches for Christmas. And by the way, I laced the switches with some wheat just for you.

In better news, my friend Shannon discovered a gluten free pizza place in Tomball. Pizza Fusion offers a normal white crust, a multi-grain crust, and a gluten free crust. Is pizza in itself worth the 1 1/2 hour drive to Tomball? Well, my friends, the answer is a resounding yes! I can hear the Veggie Tales themselves singing softly in my ear "Pizza Angel please come to me..give me pepperoni and cheese so gooeey." You get the point.