Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Time

As Christmas inches closer, I am ever-grateful to the Lord for his blessings. I have been thoroughly amused this week at my children's pre-Christmas stories and antics. I always knew I would enjoy being a mom, but never anticipated the humor I would find in their everyday conversations. Growing up is ..well...funny. They made Christmas tree cards at school this week that were fill in the blank. Here are a few of the highlights:

1. I love to eat "carrots" on Christmas day.
2. A long time ago in Bethlehem "Jesus." (Yes, that was the end).
3. I love Christmas because "it's special."

1. A long time ago in Bethlehem "Jesus bit the whale." (hmmmm...)
2. On Christmas day my family will probably "watch T.V." (gotta give him credit for honesty).
3. I love to eat "pizza" on Christmas day.

1. I love Christmas because "I want a motorcycle." (Easy, there speed racer!)
2. A long time ago in Bethlehem "the Indians just fight."
3. If it snows on Christmas day I will "eat turkey."
4. We put lots of "Indians" on our Christmas tree. (Funny, I don't recall this at all ). :)

Besides my family, I am VERY grateful to be healthy this Christmas. Matter of fact, this is the first Christmas that I have been healthy since I was 20. From infertility, to pregnancy complications, to my diagnosis with Endometriosis and my wheat allergy, it's been a LONG eight years. Time has both flown by and crept at a snail's pace.

Family time is precious and I don't want to take a second for granted. During all your errand running, giving, and buying, remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. He paid a great price, His life, just for you.


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