Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Better off Forgotten

There are some things better left unsaid. Like the time my brother called my second grade teacher fat. So, what that he was only four years old? I wanted to crawl under something...anything that would provide substantial face-hiding-coverage.

There are some things that are better off forgotten. Like teething, for example. I have three toddlers and they were all painfully cutting teeth at the same time. Painful, fever-inducing, flesh cutters is what those things are. I am glad I don't remember getting teeth.

My kids were horrified by Santa last year. It's amazing what can be forgotten in just a year. This year, the cries magically turned to polite requests for items like "trees," "blue shoes," and "princess dolls." I was a very shy child (don't laugh...it is true actually). I was afraid of Santa, too! But, only for like 5 minutes. I am glad I don't remember the time I was laying out cookies and milk in my living room and my sister said to me, "Santa's not real you know, dad eats the cookies!"

Oh wait, maybe I do remember that. Thanks, sis, for scarring me and stealing my innocence. There are some things I painfully wish I could forget. :)


Joy said...

I'm sorry, but that's so funny. I meand 'dad eats the cookies' part, not the teething part.