Monday, November 2, 2009

Trees, Beanstalks, and Whales

At church I have been attending a ladies Bible study by Angela Thomas, When Wallflowers Dance.  It has been a great study on becoming a woman of righteous confidence.  The study always lasts until about 9pm so when I get home the babies are usually in bed.  Tonight, as I walked past the boys room, I heard a sweet whisper to come in and give a "hug."  

Leyton:  Hey mommy where u been?
Me:  I went to church.
Leyton:  You diiiid?  Did you go take pictures in the hallway? (we just took directory pics)
Me:  No, not tonight I went and learned about God.
Leyton:  You diiiid?  God was so happy.
Me:  Yes, I learned that God is big. And he can handle ANYTHING we give to Him.
Leyton:  Yeah, God is a GIANT!  
Me:  No, God is not a giant, not big like that.
Leyton:  Yeah, God does not want us to be sad.  One time, he went down the beanstalk and I cried.  
Me:  Oh, you did?
Leyton:  Yeah, and God wants us to be happy, not sad.  And He told that whale to gobble up Jonah.  And that whale say "YUM! YUM!"  
Me:  Hmmm...
Leyton:  ....Yeah he says YUM YUM...and then he threw Jonah up.  And then that man got in that tree and God said "YOU COME DOWN!"  
Me:  Alright, good stories.  Night Night! love you.
Leyton:  Love you too mommy, thanks for tucking me in with those stories.  
Me:  You are welcome!

Talk about Bible story brain overload.  We will be working on clearing up these woven tales of trees, beanstalks, and whales!


Jan said...

haha! reminds me of the latest Medea movie when she was telling the girl about stories from the Bible. Medea's versions were hilarious. Check it out if you have not seen yet. It's the "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" movie.

VWK said...

Now, that is just precious, precious!!