Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's about time...

It's about time I put my obsession with the Internet to good use.  After countless years of wasted hours on the Internet between the hours of 9pm and midnight, I decided to do something useful. I have a new "mini-job" blogging for a local fitness place.  

So, if you've enjoyed my site, jump on over to the Michael's Fitness page where I am the new systems administrator..  You never know, maybe some of my gluten free recipes and lifestyle tips just might cross over to blog number 2.  I know I've really got you worked up now! :)

If you live in the Liberty area, you might consider checking out Michael's Fitness in person.  If you do not live in our area, come and follow along.  It will be fun (well okay fun as a blog can be I guess).  Re-phrase will be LIFE-CHANGING!  There, that's better.