Monday, November 9, 2009

In The News

*News Flash*

My kids are apparently ready for Christmas.  They have, all on their own, given me their list of demands. 

Their requests?

Leyton would like a pair of blue shoes and a present under the tree.  Today, he shortened his request to:  a pair of blue shoes and a "tree."  

Laci would like a pair of pink shoes and a doll or a princess doll. 

Seth was very specific.  He would like a pair of green shoes (which later he changed to orange shoes) and a "remote control race car."  

Thinking that their requests were cute, I phoned my grandmother to let her know of our conversation.  Apparently, I repeated Seth's information incorrectly.  Because when I said "Seth wants a remote control car,"  Seth vehemently corrected me with "No mama, a remote control RACE car."  Oh, excuse me!  I'll try to be a better mommy next time!  

Leyton has done nothing but call me "mom" all night.  And although I have said before, I will say again, I do not approve of "mom."  Teenagers say "mom," not three year olds!  Three year olds say "mommy."  Let's keep it simple, will ya?

They are growing up, what can I say?  Last night Laci said:

"Mommy, you have a big mouth.  I have a small mouth.  Can you say oink, oink?"  So, I said "oink oink" (as I was told).  She said, "Okay, now say "Yeah Baby!"  

Oh kids say the cutest things.  What wonderfully, funny little blessings!  


Pink Ice Princess said...

How cute! You are indeed blessed!!!!1

Jessica Kirkland said...

Thanks Pink Ice!! Hope your radio show is going good!