Monday, October 12, 2009


I have *wanted* to post something brilliant.  I have *wanted* to be able to say that I have, after 1.5 weeks of the facebook weightloss challenge, lost 20 million pounds.  I have *wanted* to fill my blog with recipes and health tips that would rival Martha Stewart on her best day.  I have *wanted* to do a lot and yet I find that my days speed up and I simply run out of time every time.

I *wish* I had a better blog for you tonight.  But, sadly, I don't.  Could somebody please get my brain out of over-drive?  But, sadly I don't think you can help me.  So, instead, I will torture you and bring along for the ride.  Wanna peak inside my brain?  Here goes...

Busyness.  If you looked up *busy* in the dictionary, then they might just have a picture of me there.  No, I don't believe any of you are any "less" busy than I.  It's just that I don't know how I got to this level of ...well....busy.  How did this happen?  I even remember having the "you need to learn to say no" conversation with myself.  And I also remember "agreeing" with myself that I was certainly going to do that...learn to say no that is.  The funny thing is, I actually thought I did it??!?!?!  I do recall saying "no" to several things and removing myself from some things so that I would not get overwhelmed.  And yet, all of a sudden I have been racing the clock every day and I still feel frazzled.  I am leading a bible study, participating in a Bible study, carting Laci to dance, driving kids to and from school, working 2 jobs, serving on a committee at church, and trying to lose weight.  Pen to paper, it doesn't look so bad.  But, I am feeling it! Life seems to be rapidly speeding up.

Country. Call me Patriotic, call me what you like, but I am not the only thing *speeding up* around here.  I am so saddened by what I see on television.  It doesn't matter what news station you watch; I do my own research.  I never thought that I would EVER see freedom in our country threatened as it is today.  Aren't you saddened by this trend by our government to steal our freedom?  Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Liberal ...we are a free nation.  Is that not worth fighting for despite political beliefs?  Our freedoms are being snatched away!  Our government is about to cast their votes on a piece of legislation that doesn't even exist tomorrow.   How can this be possible?  That is absolutely wreckless behavior!  This administration is robbing my children of their future and for what?  Power?  Prestige?  Global control?  Sad...sad...sad... What are they in such a hurry for?  Despite their policy, Obama's administration is moving quickly to change things...everything!  I am very sad at what I see.  America is rapidly declining....spiraling...wreckless..out of control...things are speeding up and I don't like this run away train.

Rapture.  I know that I have said before...I love Bible prophecy!  You want to know why?  First, let me clarify that the prophecies in the Bible are, have, and continue to come to pass.  Truths prophesied thousands of years ago are coming to pass.  I have been completely glued to the television, especially lately, because Bible prophecy is coming to pass as I type this.  I follow a couple of blogs that do a really good job at laying out prophecies versus current events.  I think it is amazing that in my lifetime, Jesus will return.  No, we cannot know the exact day, but I know that it is very near.  The unfolding of Bible prophecy serves as reinforcement to my faith.  Even those that walked with Jesus personally, thought that they would be the generation to see Jesus return for his own.  And here, thousands of years later, my generation just might get to witness it.  What an honor and a blessing to be living during this time!  If you would like to know more about what the Bible says about the end of times...see Mattthew 24.  If you don't have a Bible, you must have a computer (if you are reading) can Google it.